Images Courtesy of 3x1 and Token

3×1 x Token Surfboards Denim Inlaid Surfboards

Washing your denim in the ocean is a journey in itself that’s generally a longer and more involved ordeal than merely washing your jeans at home. And even though you take the effort to make it out to the beach [...]

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The Raw Denim Sales Compendium: Black Friday Edition

This week’s compendium is going to a be slightly different than usual. Due to the large number of Black Friday sales we won’t be listing individual products but rather the individual stores that have sales and what brands they carry. [...]

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Rawr Denim Sales Compendium: September 26

Denim sales come and go, which is exactly why we’ve compiled all that we could find into one, big post — a compendium, if you will. We offer this near exhaustive list every first and third Friday of the month, [...]

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Know Your Twills – 3×1, 2×1, and Plain Weave

Here at Rawr Denim we’ve gone over subjects like bar tacks and flat-felled seams, so it’s only natural that we go to the core of denim–the weave. Denim weight is a fairly known commodity; the higher [...]

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Fade Friday – 3×1 M3 in XX144 (15 months, 1 Rinse, 1 Wash)

Another Fade Friday is upon us and this time it’s brought to you by Rawr Denim forum user Unnmd and his pair of 3×1 M3 jeans. Since buying his jeans, Unnmd has gone on to work for 3×1 and become an outlet [...]

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The Complete Raw Denim Patch Collection

The little details that go into a pair of jeans can often be overlooked by the less discerning consumer. Only the most passionate denimheads care about chainstitches, selvedge lines, and tucked waistbands. But there are two design details few can overlook: [...]

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3x1 Denim Solution

3×1 Denim Solution – Raw Denim Detergent

3×1 Denim Solution In the past, we’ve covered lots of different methods for taking care of your raw denim, from cleaning to repairing, as well as a number of wash strategies like the classic soak, the famous freezing technique, and the [...]

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3x1 - Raw Denim, New York Style

3×1 – Bespoke Raw Denim, New York Style

3x1 - Raw Denim, New York Style The perfect pair of jeans. That one article of clothing that always seems to elude our closets. The search for that perfect pairs is what introduced many denim enthusiasts to the awesomeness of raw [...]

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