indigoskin x momotaro 2 cropped

Momotaro x Indigoskin Lot2: Just Released

This coming fall Take5 will be producing a collaboration between Thai brand Indigoskin and famed Japanese denim brand, Momotaro. Based in Siam, Indigoskin infuses a little Thai flavor into their jeans by incorporating traditional Thai fabrics and patterns into their denim. If you haven’t heard of them [...]

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pronto x unbranded

Pronto Denim x Unbranded 18 Oz. Brown Weft Selvedge Raw Denim

As the name implies, Unbranded has typically maintained a minimal, low-profile, and more affordable approach; leaving collaboration and experimental design to their sister company, Naked and Famous, until now. In addition to the co-produced 25 Oz. PIH2DC released at last month’s

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4 Indigo Sweaters - Left Field, Archival, National, Wings+Horns

4 Indigo Sweaters – Left Field, Archival, National, Wings + Horns

4 Indigo-Dyed Sweatshirts Though it comes to no surprise for some, indigo dyeing isn’t just for denim jeans and is often utilized in sweatshirts. Interestingly enough, much like with your favorite pair of raw denim, the indigo dyeing creates a [...]

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Naked x Famous 32,11

The Complete Guide To Understanding Raw Denim Weights

A 32 Oz. and 11 Oz. jean side-by-side. Note that nine pairs of 11 Oz. equals three pairs of 32 Oz. Often you’ll see denim weights shown on Rawr Denim, but may have been wondering what it is [...]

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Samurai Jeans Jacket - 18oz. Texas Cotton LHT Denim

Five Raw Denim Jackets – Part 2/2

Five Raw Denim Jackets - Part 2/2 (source: To wrap up our 2-part series raw denim jackets, please read on for Five Raw Denim Jackets (Part 2/2). For those that were unable to catch our first post, please feel free [...]

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Naked & Famous 18 Oz. Big Slub

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous 18 Oz. Big Slub, 6 months

Naked & Famous 18 Oz. Big Slub For this week’s Fade Friday, we’d like to feature a fine pair of SlimGuy Big Slub Indigo Selvedge that Naked & Famous recently posted.  It weighs in at 18 Oz. is one [...]

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Red w/ Gold Spark Lame Thread Selvedge ID

3sixteen+ Latest Denim – Made In Japan Series

3sixteen+ Made In Japan Denim - Red w/ Gold Selvedge 3sixteen+, the brain child of Andrew Chen & Johan Lam of 3sixteen and Kiya Babzani of Self Edge, has worked extremely hard over the past year to produce their very own Made [...]

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