Fade Friday – Red Cloud R400 (8 Months, 3 Washes, 3 Soaks)

The heat and humidity of summer can be brutal. But, one thing it’s good for is producing some equally brutal fades. Bangkok resident Dhanainun Dhanarachwattana donned the slubby 17 oz. denim for a mere 8 months and has already achieved [...]

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Samurai SM610DX-P Before

Samurai SM610DX-P Herringbone Selvedge Denim Work Pant

Crossing into the territory of brands like Carhartt, and Pointer Brand, the Motor Club line under the Samurai label features pieces inspired by garages and gearheads. The latest member of the club is Samurai’s own version of the work pant, the SM610DX-P. Made of [...]

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IHJ-24 Featured

Iron Heart IHJ-24 Jacket: Recently Released

The heavy hitters at Iron Heart have just released a new jacket called the IHJ-24 this time taking inspiration from Lee. The fabric is a 17 oz. indigo selvedge denim. Although it’s heavier weight of denim, it’s no surprise that this [...]

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Fade Friday Samurai S5000VX 17 Oz.

Fade Friday – Samurai Jeans S5000VX (6 Months, 2 Soaks, 2 Washes)

With just a few day remaining in 2013, we close out this year’s final Fade Friday with a pair of nicely settled Samurai Jeans S5000VX 17 Oz. Courtesy of Soul4Street and Instagram user, Drinkx14, they were worn for approximately six months and submitted [...]

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3sixteen+ 34BSP Brown Weft Straight Tapered

Recently, 3sixteen celebrated their 10 year anniversary by releasing a large collection of products that reflect the work they’ve done over the last decade, as well highlights their partnerships with other like-minded people; including brands like Viberg, [...]

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Samurai Jeans 17 Oz. S710BKH Black Hawk Raw Denim – Just Released

Samurai Jeans 17 Oz. S710BKH Black Hawk Raw Denim It’s very common for brands to partner together with other brands or stores and the results are almost always interesting and unique. This time around Samurai Jeans has partnered together with [...]

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130x featured

3sixteen 17 Oz. 130x Heavyweight Selvedge Denim Series

3sixteen has officially (and finally) answered the call of diehard fans demanding a heavier option to their popular SL Slim Straight and ST Slim Tapered cuts – the 130x Heavyweight Selvedge Denim Series. A 17 Oz. heavyweight sanforized selvedge denim [...]

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bybeatle, Jawns and More

Introducing bybeatle – Volume One Okayama Blues Hits London

Editors Note: This article is written by beatle, the co-creator of the 21 Oz. Iron Heart Beatle Buster SBG (among other models), co-organizer of the HWDC2, and founder of the newly established brand, bybeatle. Japanese Denim. I’m of the opinion that it’s a [...]

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Iron Heart Denim

Iron Heart’s Latest Denim Shirts – IHSH-75 and IHSH-76

The Iron Heart IHSH-75 Iron Heart is a brand synonymous with rugged durable looks – think lumberjacks or motorcycle mechanics. Whenever I see these types of shirts, I think of the Marlboro Man or Richard Avedon’s In The American West. [...]

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7 Pairs of Low-Mid Rise Raw Denim

7 Pairs of Low Rise Raw Denim Jeans

7 Pairs of Low Rise Raw Denim Designed to sit on the hip, thus looking slimmer and more modern, the low-rise jean has become probably the most popular among raw denim fits recently. As fits have moved away from the [...]

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