Hiut Denim Co. Organic The Slim

Hiut Denim Co. Organic “The Slim” Denim – Just Released

We’ve previously featured Hiut Denim and their unique story, in large part because we agree with their adage to “Do one thing well”. Up to this point they’ve been focusing their energies [...]

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Levi’s Made & Crafted Tack Rigid Selvedge – Review

Levi’s Made and Crafted (LM&C), a division of the premium Levi’s XX line, offers up a broad selection of higher-end products each season. Covering all the bases from outerwear to shirts and bottoms, LM&C gives consumers a particularly strong selection for their Spring/Summer line. I myself [...]

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i love ugly Japanese Selvedge Denim – Review

Leather Patch – i love ugly Lately, the masses (read “Rawr Denim commenters”) have been calling for brands to take a more unique and interesting approach when designing raw denim. Unexpectedly, terms such as “slim-straight”, “13-14Oz.” and “Made in the [...]

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Railcar Fine Goods Type 3 Classic Apron

Railcar Fine Goods Type 3 Classic Apron – Just Released

Railcar Fine Goods Type 3 Classic Apron As Railcar Fine Goods continues to explore territory beyond jeans, we see the unveiling of the Arcadia, California brand’s latest creation – the Type 3 Classic Apron. Though it’s certainly not a staple of [...]

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i love ugly Raw Selvedge Denim – Just Released

i love ugly Japanese Selvedge New Zealand-based company i love ugly has been making waves recently in the menswear game, working its way from obscurity to regular appearances on Hypebeast and similar style sites within a year. Making it in North America [...]

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Iron Heart Denim

Iron Heart’s Latest Denim Shirts – IHSH-75 and IHSH-76

The Iron Heart IHSH-75 Iron Heart is a brand synonymous with rugged durable looks – think lumberjacks or motorcycle mechanics. Whenever I see these types of shirts, I think of the Marlboro Man or Richard Avedon’s In The American West. [...]

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6 Pairs of Raw Denim Between $200 and $350

6 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $200 And $350

6 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $200 And $350 At a certain level near the top of the raw denim industry are a number of real standout denim manufacturers. From the still relatively speaking low 200 dollars to the closer [...]

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Naked x Famous 32,11

The Complete Guide To Understanding Raw Denim Weights

A 32 Oz. and 11 Oz. jean side-by-side. Note that nine pairs of 11 Oz. equals three pairs of 32 Oz. Often you’ll see denim weights shown on Rawr Denim, but may have been wondering what it is [...]

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Phable Denim

Phable Jeans – Initial Thoughts On The New Australian Raw Denim

New Raw Denim From Australia – Initial Thoughts On Phable Jeans “All jeans tell a story.” – That’s the credo for Phable, an up-and-coming label coming out of Australia. Created by Luke Hammonds and Brody Davison, Phable is an interesting [...]

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5 More Raw Jeans For Cyclists

5 More Raw Jeans for Cyclists

5 More Raw Jeans For Cyclists More than a year ago we covered the release of Levi’s Commuter line of products, which included a cyclist-oriented update to the classic [...]

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