Fade Friday - Levi's 513

Fade Friday – Levi’s 513 (1 Year, 4 Washes)

It goes without saying that Levi’s is a name that needs no introduction. From their workwear origins to the competitively-priced fashion titan that they have become, they’ve set a high standard for denim goods. This week, we’ll be taking a [...]

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P.I Hagberg 19 Oz.

Fade Friday – A/B P.I Hagberg & Co. 19 Oz. (1 Year, 1 Soak)

Fade Friday – P.I Hagberg 19 Oz. (1 Year, 1 Soak) Following up the first pair of women’s raw denim to make an appearance on last week’s Fade Friday, we keep the momentum going and debut our first pair of [...]

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How To Clean and Wash Your Raw Denim – Tips, Instructions, Video

One of the biggest bones of contention people usually have with raw denim is how they should be washed and cleaned (also see our earlier post, “After 15 Months without washing, Nudie Pants show ‘normal’ bacteria levels“).  We should probably [...]

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