Mister Freedom Pulls Patch on S/S 15 “Saigon Cowboy” Collection

Mister Freedom revealed images from their upcoming SS 15 collection known as “Saigon Cowboy” last week. As the name would imply, the line is heavily inspired by US military clothing and culture during the Vietnam War. Mister Freedom went the extra [...]

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The History of the Fishtail Parka

Originally created for the US Army in Korea but brought to the mainstream by mod culture in the 1950s and 60s, the fishtail parka is one piece of outerwear with many uses: of course as a rain jacket, but can [...]

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How Dollar to Yen Exchange Rates Affect Denim Prices

There are a number of fluctuating variables affecting the price of raw denim and other high-end casual clothing that may not be immediately obvious. Many brands and shops use vintage looms and sewing machines, which can break down and slow [...]

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A Rundown on Japanese Denim Magazines

American men’s fashion magazines seem almost embarrassed about their identity–they’re rarely focused strictly on fashion, instead spending plenty of time talking about picking up girls, travel, gadgets, and other supposedly man-centric hobbies. There is a palpable sense that you’re not allowed [...]

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How to Convert Your Friends to Raw Denim

If you’re reading this article, you probably get raw denim. You’re so far down the rabbit hole that there’s no saving you or the thousands of dollars you’ve spent and will continue to spend on this strange indigo cult that [...]

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The Definitive Buyer’s Guide To M-65 Field Jackets

Much like other facets of the apparel industry, trends and collections in the world of menswear can be generally stamped as either timely or timeless. While some pieces and concepts seemingly exist for a mere 15 minutes–and are thus appropriately [...]

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James Dean wearing Converse's tennis shoe, the Jack Purcell

The Humble History of the Sneaker

You’ve probably owned at least a dozen pairs over the course of your life, but it’s hardly been a hundred years since they’ve been around. Sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes, plimsolls – whatever you call them, athletic shoes have made their [...]

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30 dollar pair 1 feature

The 30-Dollar Raw Denim Experiment: Pair 1 Final Update

Welcome back to the latest installment of The 30-Dollar Raw Denim Experiment–the one in which we reveal the brand and model of the jeans, along with giving you a full update on the wear process. In case you’ve missed [...]

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Rawr Denim’s Thanksgiving Buckle Outfit

Today is the day we come together and celebrate the joining of Pilgrims and the Indians for Thanksgiving, at least it is in the United States. The Pilgrims had buckles–on their hats, shoes, belts, and probably a few other things–so [...]

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Workers sewing in Ebbets Field Flannel's Seattle workshop.

The Uncertain Future of Made in America

Made in America is a powerful phrase, even for people who don’t reside in the United States. It carries connotations of blue collar American workers–idealized or not–who built the nation and created its current prosperity. But in the latter half [...]

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