William Werner's 3sixteen ST-120x after a year of wear.

William Werner of Craftsman and Wolves – Behind The Fades

Editor’s Note: We’ve spent the better part of five years featuring examples of worn, beaten up, and faded denim, but rarely do we get a look into the people that made it that way. In our new monthly series Behind [...]

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Fig. 1 - A plane approaches Logan airport while Deer Island Light guides the watercraft

Traveling with Style, Efficiency, and Dignity – Beneath the Surface

I love to travel. In part, it’s an opportunity for new experiences – finding something new and exciting I couldn’t even imagine before is an endless and satisfying quest. Beyond the adventure, learning about others’ culture and perspective has been an invaluable [...]

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Filson 256 Classic Briefcase Review – Worn Out

Worn Out is our new series of product reviews where we take an in-depth field test with many of the most sought after items. Whether it’s raw denim, shirting, footwear, outerwear, or accessories, we’re here to show you the good, [...]

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Dear Jean Denim Advice – Fading, Ocean Washes, and Hemming

Raw denim and quality clothing in general aren’t the most intuitive of subjects. If they were, there would be no need for sites like ours to exist. We do our best to cover a wide swath of the most common [...]

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The White Oak Economy – How Millennials are Changing Retail

Hi dudes, I’m Amy Leverton and I’m going to be tackling some subjects every month that examine the denim industry as a whole. I’ll be looking at the interplay between premium selvedge and other market segments of the industry, the [...]

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shinola tribeca

Shinola and the Myth of Detroit – Beneath the Surface

What do you need to know about the commercial launch of the new Shinola brand in 2013?  It’s all there in its marketing: Shinola Detroit – “Where American Is Made.” Fig. 1 – Where American Is Made In its brief [...]

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Variations on a Sneaker Theme – Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface is a column by Rob Lim that examines the cultural side of heritage fashions and publishes on the third Sunday of every month. See previous columns here. In fashion apparel and footwear, there are classics and then [...]

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Dad Jeans, Literally – Beneath the Surface

Editor’s Note: As the newest writer to join our team, Robert Lim will be at the helm of the monthly column, “Beneath the Surface“. If you should know one thing about him, it’s that he’s always been interested in culture – his passion since childhood [...]

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The Father’s Day Gift Guide for Denim Dads

It’s official, you’ve got one week until Father’s Day. Even if your dad doesn’t fully understand your indigo obsession, now could be a good time to give him a taste of what this world has to offer. Below we’ve put together a [...]

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An old photo from inside Cone Mills's White Oak Plant, the last selvedge denim manufacturer in the United States.

In Defense of Cone Mills – Hems and Haws

We’ve often taken editorial stances in the past, whether that’s on Kickstarter, vintage clothing, or the

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