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Thread: What's the difference between the cotton (Japan, U.S.A., Zimbambwe, etc.)?

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    What's the difference between the cotton (Japan, U.S.A., Zimbambwe, etc.)?

    Basically the title says it all. Depending on where you are located, is it just a matter of import/cost? Is there a noticeable difference in quality in terms of durability, shrinkage, fades, or anything else you can think of based on where the cotton/denim is created? If so what are the differences?

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    I heard that Zimbabwe cotton is softer than others.

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    At this point I have a pair of Tellason (cone mills) and Edwin, E-39 I think (sale on Mr. Porter). The Cone mills denim is definitely softer and seems to bleed more dye. The edwin pair I have seem like a much nicer version of the Gap 1969 denim I have, but the denim is much stiffer than either of the two. I have no experience with Zimbabwe, and would love to hear/learn more about it.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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    Cotton Concept ! Thats what we used to call this subject when i was at Edwin.

    Cotton is grown all over the world, and each environment effects the cotton, well thats i was told years ago...
    Each cotton has its Plus's and Negatives... Ive been in brands that we ask the Denim Mills / suppliers to blend different types of cottons together, to make interesting cotton concepts exclusive to us.

    Cotton is classified by the length and diameter of fiber and condition of the cotton. The longer the fiber the higher the rating it will receive. A smaller diameter fiber can be spun into finer yarn and thus is rated higher than a thicker fiber.

    Cotton is also classed for its whiteness (middling) and how much debris is present. Whiteness is classified as extra-white, white, spotted, tinged, yellow stained and tray - personally i like it stained

    Egyptian cotton is also known for a long staple (fiber) length, but has a very fine diameter. Which is a softer, more lavish material. Thus Egyptian cotton is known for bedding etc.. -

    U.S.A. cotton or upland cotton, accounts for 90% of the worlds cotton. This type of cotton is known for its short-staple. In the 1700's this type of cotton was then bred with Egyptian cottons to produce the contemporary ELS cottons "extra-long staple" thus 100% American Pima cotton was born. Pima cotton is controlled, and its grown in U.S., Australia, Peru and in very limited production in a few other places. ELS or American Pima has its strength / uniformity (its soft and strong from the Egyptian hybrid ). Thus are considerably higher than those of upland cotton.

    Zimbabwean cotton, is regarded as one of the finest cottons in the world, and even more so as it becomes even scarcer as fewer farmers grow the plant. This is a long staple cotton. - No genetics - super irregular - perfect for hard core denim nerds - Most japanese Mills buy up most of the Zimbabwean cotton... combined with natural indigo, and super old shuttle looms, at dangerously low speeds - Theres a reason why japanese denim is the best -

    There are many more interesting types of cottons, and blends, and some interesting concepts coming from Pakistan - no match to Zimbabwean cotton, but interestingly it was the Arabs who named cotton and it was the people of the Indus River Valley (Pakistan) who 1st spun it and woven into cloth.

    I hope thats helps....

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    Wow - thank you. This was exactly the type of answer I was hoping to get. Thank you.

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    yea mohsin is the illest when it comes to denim

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    I wonder if the traditionally woven selvedge denim by hand can be as durable as denim that has made by machines since the early days.
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    People have their own and different choices. Some people like denim where else some people like to prefer cotton. But personally I like the cotton material and the whole concept about the cotton is explained by MOHSIN in this thread.
    Some people thinks that making investment in the real estate listing i.e cotation immobili?re is quite risky for them.

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    Great post @ MOHSIN. Moar information like this pleaaase!

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    Zimbabwe cotton, touted as some of the best in the world by such denim makers as 45rpm and Prps, is a product of Robert Mugabe’s brutal regime. As the nation's sole ruler since ‘87, he’s crippled the economy with a 4 billion dollar debt, prevented UN aide, fallen short of IMF goals and seemingly done nothing to combat the negative population growth. A quarter of his country is infected with HIV/AIDS and won’t live past the age of 40. This is some very disturbing news.

    If Prps places a Zimbabwe flag on their tees and other fashion, they should make a point of saying how they can guarantee that their dollars do more than fund Mugabe’s bar tab at the Harare cricket club.

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