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Thread: Pre-Soaking unsanforized...

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    Pre-Soaking unsanforized...

    Just picked up a pair of 3Sixteen ST-100x - I know these are sanforized, but before I get them hemmed, should I presoak them first anyway? I really dont want to loose any indigo right off the bat, but I also want to get the hem right and minimize transfer for the first months before I actually wash them.

    What do you guys suggest?

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    If they are sanforized they aren't going to shrink noticeably. My first pair were some levi's STF, shrank like 2 inches. Second pair are tellasons i did a soak and the length didn't change at all from what i could tell.

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    Soulvedge is right. If you're stil hesitating, then e-mail your question directly to 3Sixteen. You'll get your answer in no time
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    one thing to also keep in mind when you hem is that as you wear them, the denim will stretch and depending on how you do your first wash (hot vs cold) after however many months, the denim may shrink a little in the length.

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