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Thread: How fades work

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    How fades work

    Im new to premium denim and I am curious how fading works. More specifically does the color of the fade depend on the weft or will it always be lighter shades of the denim color.
    Im looking at N&F Red/Blue Weft and the Sashiko, I'm not exactly sure which pair i want yet. Does anyone have any opinions or input on these particular pairs or the brand as a whole? I was thinking the Sashiko looked really unique but the Red/Blue weft would look awesome rolled up with my Dr.Martens.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Fading happens just by wearing your denim. The more times your denim creases or touches things (allowing indigo to fall off, ex. along the thighs and knees) in the same area, the more faded it will become. The fade does not depend on the color of the weft, but more so upon the core of the yarn. If you were to get red weft N&Fs, they would just fade to white like normal but if you were to get red core N&F, then they would fade to red.

    Personally, I'd get the red weft. Those look freaking sick when they're cuffed.

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    Thanks for your input after a little more research Im going to go with the red weft thanks a lot!

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