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Thread: Help me choose my second pair...

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    Help me choose my second pair...

    Looks like I found this site just in time...

    Really enjoying my venture into raw...started with the usual suspects; APC NS, and then tried Unbranded. Both pair are coming along well, but part of me cant help but want to enjoy something a little more interesting.

    My wallet isnt ready for the one off Momotaro's yet, or the higher end Samurai's, so looking in the 2-275 range this time around.

    Im thinking 3Sixteen SL-100x or Edwin ED39, both being straight leg. I like all of the nice details included on the 3Sixteen, but the Edwin's are pretty nice as well.

    Whats your opinion of those two, or do you have another suggestion?

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    Junior Member Andy's Avatar
    FH 3001/IH-666-XHS
    You might as well buy a $300 ish pair of raws if you're budget is at max $275.
    I'd recommend APC, Flat Head, IronHeart, or Samurai.

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    for the sake of argument, id rather not spend 300 (or 275 if i dont have to).

    any preferece between the 3Sixteen or Edwins?

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    Junior Member rawnhard's Avatar
    Kicking Mule Workshop/Gustin
    Out of the two you chose I would probably go with the 3sixteen's. I don't like the cut on that particular Edwin model. For raw denim I prefer to have a slim straight leg fit. Anything classified as relaxed isn't something I look at primarily due to the fact that most raw denim will stretch when you constantly wear them to get fades. I also like them tight on the thighs.

    With that being said Edwin jeans are of really good quality, I've had a pair myself and I found them to be very durable and they produce very nice fading over time.

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    Member zeek1015's Avatar
    Berlin, Germany
    Eat Dust Bloodline Vest/Lee Cowboy Jacket, Japanese repo, Edwin Nashville's
    I would go for the 3 sixteens without question. For me this is more of a philosophy kinda thing than one Jean being better than the other. I've got a couple of Edwin products and for the most part I'm really pleased with them. Quality seems good and the price is fair. However Edwin is a relativity big player in denim. They do many different cuts, fades and various garments to suit a wide customer base. It's about mass appeal Nothing wrong with that at all. Just not my personal thing. Now, to 3 sixteen (I should say here that I never owned a pair but have only heard and seen good things) they approach designing and producing their jeans from the point of making the best jeans possible from the best materials possible in the best circumstances possible. They only do raw jeans, the denim used is incredible. No washes and the price point is about the same as some of the higher end Edwin's I think. So if raw denim is your thing I would be tempted to go for the smaller, dare I sat it, purer brand if you are looking to sink that kinda cash.

    Lastly having said all that I'm sure you'll get a huge amount of pleasure from wearing either brand.

    Let us know which you went for. I'd be interested to find out.

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    Junior Member stf501xx's Avatar
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    Levi?s 501xx LVC-1966
    Just go for the simple Levi?s 501xx shrink-to-fit jeans. My favorite one. Only around $ 30,00 in the big cities of USA (made outside USA now in Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico), but great value for this $ when you wear it unwashed for a long time. I love them!!
    A day without jeans is a spoiled day!

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    If you dont mind spending $300 with free shipping, i would say go for the Iron Heart Beatle Buster 21 oz slim taper jeans at Iron Heart's website. It is on sale from $415.

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    Went with the 3Sixteen's SL-100x. These are pretty sweet. I measure 34 and the tagged 33's fit really well. At 6'2, the 37" inseam is a relief, although I still need to see if theres a local tailor that will/can chain stitch.

    The details and quality really show through. Cant wait to get them soaked and a few months of wear to start seeing some fade. If you want some high quality rawr with enough cash left in your pocket for a nice wallet fade, these are the ones.
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    I know you said you're not ready for Momos yet, but they have some collabs with Japan Blue that are $200.
    I just found the glory that is Blue Owl, check them out, not at high quality as Momos, but still a high quality denim!

    oh nevermind, apparently cant read today x.x

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    I've heard really good things about 316... from pretty much everyone.

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