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Thread: Raw Denim + Bakery?

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    Question Raw Denim + Bakery?

    Hi, I just got my first pair of raw jeans (N&F Vintage Nudes) and I was just wondering. Should I wear them at work? I work part time at a bakery (15-20 hours a week) since I'm in school and I wasn't sure if I should wear them while at work. I work front end so they're not getting insanely dirty but every once in a while I get powdered sugar or crumbs on my pants. I never really get anything VERY messy like chocolate or cream on my pants but I wasnt sure what I should do.

    Basically what I'm wondering is if this will result in a more "unique" pair of jeans or after a few months they'll just be terribly dirty.

    Also I'm not planning on washing them for at least 6 months.

    Thanks again!

    - Dan

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    Congrats on your first pair, Dan!

    I say wear 'em to work. Wear 'em everywhere.

    For what its worth, I used to sweat every little thing when it came to my first pair of raws...It made for a real stressful experience.

    What I've learned since then is that indigo is pretty resilient stuff. I wear my Sams to work at a warehouse and they get filthy sometimes...but the harder you wear your jeans, the better the fades will be.

    If you get the occasional bit of flour or something on you, get a damp paper towel and dab at it till you can't see it anymore. Chances are you'll notice some blue on the paper towel, but it's not going to affect your fades unless you really scrub at it for a while.

    Don't sweat it. Wear your jawnz, dude.
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    Sweet thanks! I wasnt sure if I'd be trashing my jeans, giving them unique sugar fades (lmao), or somewhere in between. But thanks for the advice.

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