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    The official thread for Lee
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    Here is my 1972 Lee jacket. I bought it from the daughter of the rancher who owned it.

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    Deadstock 1971 jacket

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    It still has it's paper label

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    Junior Member stf501xx's Avatar
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    Levi?s 501xx LVC-1966
    Yesterday I got a present from my friend: he want to get rid of his more than 20 years old Lee jeans. I started patching it for him on April 1993. And take a look now: more patch than jeans. I am very happy with this old Lee beauty!
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    Member zeek1015's Avatar
    Berlin, Germany
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    So I have a pair of Lee 101z's up for sale in the marketplace. I am in touch with another forum member who had a few questions about the sizes, he sent me over a link to confirm what pair they were. It is from The thing is it states that:

    "these are unwashed and will shrink on first wash. Definitely shrink 2" in waist and up to 2" in leg.

    For one thing that seems like an excessive amount of shrinkage to me, especially in the waste. For the second thing I was sure that the jeans were Sanforized.

    If anyone can help out with a little info I would be really greatful.


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    Lee 101 Buyer's Guide


    this is a rough guide I've compiled today, so I hope it may be helpful in deciding whether or not and what model from an european Lee 101 line eventually to buy. This guide doesn't comprehend Lee 101B, because I'm not a wearer.

    Name:  lee101.jpg
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    Junior Member Jambino's Avatar
    Levi's MADE IN USA 511 Cone Denim
    My Lee 101z; made of Japanese 13.75 oz. Kaihara denim in virgin condition.Name:  P1000271.jpg
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    Nice! Got more pics? fit pics maybe?
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    Jambino: Congrats on your dry Lee 101! Actually, this (Rider) model is almost identical from knee up to waist with its Archive's 66' Riders brother, but otherwise much more tapered. I kind of like this cut, but due to its extensive taper in smaller sizes (<32), it leads me to choose Lee 101z instead.

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