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Thread: Rivet and Hide London

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    Rivet and Hide London

    Dear Londoners, there is a new shop just launch called Rivet and hide. Unfortunately, They haven't launch for the official store. Here is the website
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    they have The flat head, RJB, Railcar, Hiut denim, and Steel feather, more brands are coming soon. Danny the guy from rivet and hide is really nice, he will help you with all the question. Enjoy and stay raw !

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    Thanks dude, I'll be visiting my cousin in London in a few weeks. Know any more good shops, not denim per se?

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    I got some gear from Danny at Rivet & Hide.

    super cool guy to deal with, very knowledgeable and relaxed.

    you can make an appointment with him too, if you don't want to do it online and kind of have the whole mini warehouse/loft to yourself.

    check out the flat head shirts he had custom made too
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    The 7002w Sawtooth denim shirt is now in now in our The Flat Head collection. Made of 12 oz rope-dyed selvedge denim. It oozes with both texture and character. This shirt is designed with broad shoulders and tapers to a slim fit. You need to size up. If you usually wear a 42 you'll need a 44. We have sizes 38-44. Size 46 will be here soon.

    Once again The Flat Head raises the bar with the ZP-10 Loopwheeled Zip Parka. It is both substantial and extremely soft in equal measure.
    Like all their fabrics it needs to be worn and felt with bare hands to truly appreciate.

    We have added black to our range of THC heavyweight t shirts and this season's Over Time tee to the collection. The triple-stitched collars never lose their shape. These t shirts stand the test of time.


    Loopwheeled Zip Parka Z_10w

    Over Time heavyweight t shirt

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