Fade Friday – 3sixteen SL-100x (~3 years, unknown washes)

Thank God it’s Friday, because that means we have another Fade Friday for you guys. This time, it’s a well-worn pair of jeans that spent some time down under. This pair of 3sixteen SL-100x jeans comes to us from reader Nathan Crawford of Portland, Oregon, [...]

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Fade of the Day – Unbranded UB101 (1 Year, 2 Months, 2 Washes)

One of the great things about the denim community is it’s variety. Submitted by RD reader Nattapon XXX from Thailand, these Unbranded UB101‘s are a quite popular pant but they also prove that you don’t need to spend big [...]

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Fade of the Day – Iron Heart IH-555-01 (13 Months, 1 Wash, 1 Soak)

If you know anything about denim brand Iron Heart, the words “heavy weight” probably come to mind. These guys are the kings of 21+ oz. jeans and have made a name for themselves in the denim industry producing these [...]

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Fade of the Day – Craft and Lore Port Wallet (6 months)

A well-worn garment is often times made of denim. When it isn’t, it’s likely made of good leather. Today’s patina of the day is a well-aged minimal wallet, made with some quality leather. Reader Anojan S. of Toronto, Canada has used this [...]

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Fade of the Day – SOSO Denim Slim Darryl (2 Years, 5 Months, 5 Washes)

Today’s fade is brought to us by Johan Bolm from Sweden, who is one of the founders and creators of the company SOSO. He has been rocking this pair of Slim Darryl‘s since they were released two and a [...]

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Fade of the Day – UES 400T (10 Months, 8 Washes, 2 Soaks)

We love seeing contest jeans because, let’s face it, they feature some of the best-looking fades around (isn’t that the point?). RD reader Florian Leikam from Germany sent us these shots of his UES 400T‘s that he wore for 10 [...]

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Fade of the Day – Rogue Territory Stanton 14.5 oz. (6 Months, 4 Washes, 1 Soak)

Built in Los Angeles, worn in South Korea, and featured as today’s Fade of the Day, these Rogue Territory Stanton‘s show us just how much indigo can be lost in just a half year. This jean’s only six-months old but has got fades beyond [...]

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Fade Friday – Sage Marcher 22 oz. (15 Months, 2 Washes, 1 Soak)

If you search our site for Sage, you’ll find some of the most impressive fades anywhere. And lo’, here they are for yet another Fade Friday. This pair of Sage Marcher 22 oz. jeans weren’t submitted with much of a story at all, but [...]

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Fade of the Day – Nobrandedon TJA501XX (6 Months, No Washes)

Barely half a year and these Nobrandedon TJA501XX‘s are more than halfway to Fade Friday status. Out of Surabaya, Indonesia, Darahkubiro member and Rawr Denim reader Tori AP hasn’t needed much time to prove the fading potential of this lesser-known brand. There [...]

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Fade of the Day – Left Field NYC Green Heather Chelsea (13 Months, 4 Washes)

Today’s fade is brought to you by Christopher Brown from San Antonio, Texas. His Left Field NYC Green Heather Chelsea’s use Cone Mills denim with an indigo warp and green weft which, when faded, give a particular [...]

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