Fade Friday – LVC 1944 501 (7 Years, 1 Month, 4 Washes)

In 2008, Fleet Foxes’ eponymous album was released, the recession hit, and these jeans were raw. It’s Fade Friday and today’s pair is practically a senior citizen in denim years. Worn by Nor Sinarimbo, this pair of Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1944 501 jeans have made [...]

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Fade of the Day – Left Field NYC Black Maria Greaser (2 Years, 4 Washes)

Now, we love indigo. Hopefully that’s evident. What might not be so evident, though, is the fact that we do love us a pair of black jeans. Maybe after today’s Fade of the Day, you’ll share our sentiment. These Left Field NYC Black Maria [...]

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Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit Standard (1 Year, 9 Months, 3 Soaks)

We love getting submissions like these A.P.C. Petit Standard‘s for a couple of reasons. One, the fades are dope and secondly, the journey they’ve been through is even better. Kurt Metscher from Texas wore these through a summer trip to Japan and [...]

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Fade of the Day – Pure Blue Japan XX-011 (1 Year, 1 Soak)

Today we present to you a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-011‘s submitted to us by Josh Hicke of Toronto, Ontario. The XX-011 are made of a 13.5 oz. denim and are actually cut from the same pattern as the Blue in Green [...]

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Fade of the Day – Kings of Indigo Clovis 12 oz. Organic (17 Months, 1 Wash)

It’s fade time! Reader Diederik from Rotterdam has worn these Kings of Indigo Clovis 12 oz. Organic jeans for a year and a half and let me tell you – he’s giving this brand a good name as this [...]

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Fade of the Day – Fullcount x Pronto PROXFC16 (6 Months, 2 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Today we’re looking at the Fullcount x Pronto PROXFC16 worn by Tanawat Seethiang in Australia. Despite wearing this pair for only 6 months, he has managed to produce some spectacular fades. Through daily wear, and working 3-4 times a [...]

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Fade of the Day – Viapiana Custom Pair (16 Months, 2 Washes, Unknown Soaks)

Today’s fade comes by way of RD reader Zak Wagner from Colorado. His custom made pair of Viapiana jeans have seen a good amount of fun whether it be putting in miles on his motorcycle or hunting trips in [...]

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Fade Friday – Unbranded UB101 (1 Year, 7 Months, 0 Washes, 0 Soaks)

Intentionally inconspicuous, Unbranded is a no-name brand that pares down the jean to the basics. For that, the jeans have gained a following thanks to their exemplary fades. For this week’s Fade Friday, we see why. RD reader and Netherland resident, Jan Wartna has [...]

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Fade of the Day – UES 400T (1 Year, 10 Months, Unknown Washes, 1 Soak)

Today we bring to you the UES 400T from France. Mathieu Lacoste wore these beauties everyday for a year for the SUFU UES 400T contest. If he were able to submit them, they definitely would have been contenders. Because the UES 400T [...]

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levis Full Front_1

Fade of the Day – Levi’s 501 STF (3 Years, 3 Months, 4 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Nothing like a good ol’ fashion Levi’s 501 STF fade to start off your day. We hold high expectations for 501 fades and this pair doesn’t disappoint. We love how naturally Turkish reader Sven Howard‘s fades have come after 3 years of wear. [...]

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