About Us

Launched in March 2011, Rawr Denim is the most comprehensive online resource for everything raw denim. By providing story-rich content and powerful tools that go beyond the visuals, we have been able to help millions of people make more intelligent raw denim and lifestyle decisions.

The foundation of our website is our range of useful, in-depth content. From timely product releases and special weekly segments to educational guides and thought provoking editorials, we cover every facet of the wonderful fabric.

We also supplement our repository of articles with robust tools. The Scout helps denim heads find the ideal pair of jeans out of a database of 4,000 raw denim jeans; while the upcoming Store Guide will aid readers in finding a retailer based upon location and/or a particular brand.

Our Team

Nick Coe – Founding Editor

David Shuck – Managing Editor

Gerald Ortiz – Features Editor

Contributing Writers

John Bobey

Austin Bryant

Todd Cooke

Jon Dalley

Charlie Grumer

Young Lee

Forrest Old

Daniel Sheridan

Kevin Steinberger

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