Calik Denim Lookbook and Video by Eric Kvatek

Known as the exclusive photographer for Kapital‘s many lookbooks, Eric Kvatek has recently taken on a campaign for Calik Denim. With the help of editing by Hsiang Chin Moe who produced the KAPITAL WORLD Movie, (as well as denim design by Teo Griscom, makeup and hair [...]

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Momotaro x Context Clothing 0701 113XX Re-release

Midwest retailer, Context Clothing and Kojima’s Momotaro are back at it again, re-releasing the 0701 113XX jean. The fabric on this 16 oz. selvedge denim uses three different yarn gauges that are randomly arranged resulting in an irregular [...]

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Tender Co. x For Holding Up the Trousers Capsule Collection

William Kroll of Tender Co. and his former intern Morten Kristensen, of For Holding Up the Trousers have recently come together for a collaborative capsule collection of just three pieces: a jacket, shirt, and jeans. Like everything else in the Tender Co. collection, [...]

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Left Field NYC 18 Oz. Heavy Slub Collect Mills Denim Front and Back Fit

Left Field NYC Collect Mills 18 oz. Heavy Slub

Way out of Left Field comes their latest pair of denim for those who dare to don a heavier jean in this warmer half of the year. From Collect Mills in Japan, the fabric makes the heavyweight class, tipping the [...]

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Nudie Jeans Lean Dean Fit

Nudie has an encyclopedia of fits in their library from the High Kai to the Steady Eddy and everything in-between. Their latest addition, dubbed the Lean Dean, is unique in that it’s purposed as a unisex fit. I suppose [...]

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Taylor Stitch 11 Oz. Cone Mills Natural Selvedge Denim

As the warmer months take over, clothes become lighter in weight and in colors. And to prepare for the season, Taylor Stitch will be making a pair of jeans that fulfills both of these aspects. Good news if you hate wearing [...]

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Fullcount & Co. Denim M-65 Jacket

Old military jackets and denim occupy roughly 70% of the heritage enthusiast’s brain (the rest is a mix of leather, Ethiopian coffee, and Steve McQueen stills). But outside of a few mid-century Navy pieces, there’s not a whole lot of denim [...]

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Carhartt x Slam Jam ‘Boom Town Slickers’ Denim Collection

Carhartt Work in Progress, Carhartt’s more fashion forward line, together with Italian retailer Slam Jam have recently released the second drop of their collaboration entitled “Boom Town Slickers”. In celebration of Slam Jam’s 25th anniversary, the collection is being released [...]

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IDC x Doublewood Narrow 01 Jeans

International Design Collective has collaborated with some reputable denim names in the past including Rogue Territory and Naked & Famous. Today, through Canada’s own dutil. Denim, IDC releases their latest collaboration with Doublewood Denim. Stepping into the heavyweight ring, the collaborative jean, limited [...]

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Roy Denim RT1002 Tapered Modified Jeans

Roy fans rejoice, for Self Edge is set to release a new model of the eponymous jean today. This time it uses the same meticulously engineered denim that was used for the previous pair of jeans, the Big Bro Round Two. The [...]

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