The Worst of Raw Denim – Volume 2

Here at Rawr Denim, we work very hard to bring you the best of what the worlds of raw denim and heritage clothing have to offer. But in order to do that, we have to wade through a lot of crap. [...]

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Cone Mills Denim Celebrates 110 Year Anniversary

Cone Mills has come a long ways since that first spool of bobbin thread came off the line in April of 1905. Just a decade later they began producing fabric for American denim giant Levi’s, and now their White Oak [...]

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Rogue Territory x Blue Owl Beach Washed Expedition Jeans

Have you ever wondered what jeans washed in the Pacific Ocean would feel like but never had the chance to do so yourself? Well you’re in luck! The folks at Seattle’s Blue Owl Workshop have teamed up with LA’s Rogue Territory to bring you [...]

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Indigo Chore Coats – Five Plus One

Editor’s Note: We’ve put together many buying guides in the past, whether’s that’s jeans for summer or where to look on Etsy. That’s going to become a more regular feature with our new weekly installment of Five Plus One, [...]

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Samurai SM610DX-P Before

Samurai SM610DX-P Herringbone Selvedge Denim Work Pant

Crossing into the territory of brands like Carhartt, and Pointer Brand, the Motor Club line under the Samurai label features pieces inspired by garages and gearheads. The latest member of the club is Samurai’s own version of the work pant, the SM610DX-P. Made of [...]

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Images courtesy of Self Edge.

Imperial x Self Edge SE23BSP Slim Tapered Jean

From down under and into Self Edge stores comes the Imperial SE23BSP Slim Tapered jean. Note that “x” on the patch to signify the difference between this and their last collab. The fabric, produced by Imperial in collaboration with Self Edge, is [...]

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Companion Denim Jan 01I and Jan 02CO

Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim makes some of the most beautiful jeans in the market. Take one look at the inside – not the outside – of a pair of his jeans and you’ll see what we mean. Whether by single-needle hand [...]

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Soap Nuts – Denham’s New Way to Wash Jeans

Watch out, Woolite Dark, Denham is marching in on your turf! The Amsterdam based brand introduced a new campaign for washing your jeans–Soap Nuts. They may look new to you but hippies have been (barely) doing their laundry with these dried [...]

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Picture Credit: John G. Moore

3sixteen x Rivet & Hide RH15 Slim Tapered Jean

Recently released, the RH15 Slim Tapered Jean is the result of 3sixteen‘s first ever collaboration with European retailer Rivet & Hide. The fit is similar to their ST, but all new and is a mid-rise jean with a slim [...]

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Deadstock 10 oz. Nep Selvedge Chelsea

Left Field NYC 10 oz. Nep Deadstock Jeans

Out of Left Field are some jeans to keep you cool for the rest of the summer. Deadstock and lightweight, LF made a limited quantity of their slim fit Chelsea jean in a neppy 10 oz. Japanese denim as well as a limited [...]

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