Naked & Famous Elephant 5 Jean and Jacket

Heavyweight denim fans rejoice for Naked & Famous is back at it again with their lead-legged series, the Elephant 5. The denim is practically as thick as elephant skin and, this time, just as textured. It uses a 20 oz. Big

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In Search of Dad Jeans – Tellason John Graham Mellor Review

Editor’s Note: Whenever anyone over the age of 40 asks me about getting into raw denim, I always recommend the same pair of jeans–Tellason Ankara 12.5oz. They have a generous fit, they are well made, they have very subtle branding, [...]

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1915 501: Original (left), LVC (right)

Levi’s Vintage Clothing – The Golden Handshake

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the legendary partnership between Levi’s and Cone Mills. To commemorate this historic gentleman’s agreement, LVC‘s latest collection pays tribute to the American denim bastion, the 1915 501 jean, and the people who helped [...]

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Denimrepair Dot Com Darning Services – Review

As more consumers convert to raw denim, the need for denim repairs increases. Of course there’s no shortage of home repairs, but if you want your jeans repaired by a professional, the options are few and far between. Your local tailor can [...]

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Freenote Cloth 40-40 Club Collabs with Mildblend and AB Fits

The 40-40 Club is one of the most exclusive groups in all of sports, reserved only to major league baseball players who have a total of 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season. Only four players [...]

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Images courtesy of Super Future member Bobbo

Superfuture’s Warehouse 1001XX World Tour

With raw denim, much of the point (at least nowadays), is to fade them naturally through everyday wear, eventually producing a jean that’s been writ with your personal wear pattern. In light of that, the World Tour is an interesting [...]

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Orgueil Tailor Jeans Review – Studio D’Artisan’s New Label

The name Orgueil may be unfamiliar to you, but their denim heritage is about as old as it comes in Japan. The brand is a branch of “Osaka Five” member Studio D’Artisan, and Orgueil has been kicking around [...]

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Stanley Japanese Selvedge

Nudie Jeans Co. Fall 2015

If there’s a best time of year to start working on a fresh piece of raw denim, our vote is for fall. You’ll get the most continuous wear up until summer when you’re tempted to switch out your jeans for [...]

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Cinch Back Jeans – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm. Before the popularization of belts and belt loops in the [...]

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Taylor Stitch $98 Jeans Return

Once again filling the sub-100 dollar market for raw denim, Taylor Stitch has brought back their double-digit price point jeans. This time around it’s a 14.25 oz. Cone Mills non-selvedge, sanforized denim offered in both their democratic [...]

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