Tenue de Nîmes Announces Own Denim Line

Tempting us with a vague description and disparate pictures, Amsterdam based denim boutique Tenue de Nîmes recently announced that they’re making their own brand of jeans (finally). TdN has collaborated with the likes of Tellason, Momotaro,

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Denim Dudes – Profiles of Indigo Obsession

Upcoming book release Denim Dudes takes a new look at the working men of the cloth. Spanning North America, Europe, Japan, and Oceania, the book profiles over 80 of the world’s top denim designers, collectors, and enthusiasts. Devoted readers of this site will recognize [...]

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Converse x Levi’s for Beams Selvedge Denim All-Star Sneakers

American pioneers Converse and Levi’s have come together to produce an exclusive sneaker with Japanese retailer Beams. The shoe is a low-top classic All Star style but replaces the traditional canvas upper with another fabric we all know and love. You guessed it: raw denim. It’s [...]

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Naked & Famous Selvedge Lyocell Kimono

Ever pushing the boundaries of denim, Naked & Famous releases their latest version of a traditional Japanese Kimono. Although not the first time a premium brand has produced a modern Kimono, it’s something that fits in with Brandon Svarc’s aesthetic. N&F’s version is [...]

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Kamikaze Attack x Kinniku Man Chapter Two Collaboration Jeans

Okayama based jeans maker Kamikaze Attack are renowned for their numerous collaborations with brands like Tate + Yoko or Naked [...]

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3sixteen CT Classic Tapered Fit Jean

Bringing a new fit to their lineup, 3sixteen has recently released their CT or Classic Taper jean. It comes in their flagship 100x denim, a custom woven 14.5oz. Japanese selvedge denim from Kuroki Mills. The [...]

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Left Field NYC Muleskinner Denim Jackets

If a denim jacket is to be lined, the immediate go-to would be a blanket lining. Left Field NYC has gone outside of the blanket-lined box with the Muleskinner Denim Jacket, their latest release. It’s a 

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Vintage Shuttle Loom

Will it Blend? The Most Common and Uncommon Denim Compositions

Anyone familiar with jeans knows that the main ingredient in the garment has been, and always will be, cotton. The fabric of our lives has been used since denim’s proverbial Big Bang and there’s no sight for that to chance any time soon. [...]

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Roy “Big Bro” Round Two BB1002 Jeans

A rarity reserved for the walls of Self Edge, one-man-brand Roy will be releasing a new model of jeans today at 9am PST, the “Big Bro” Round Two Jeans – BB1002. A more tapered version of the

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Railcar Fine Goods Viper X021 Women’s Jeans

People often ask me, “do you cover all the raw denim or just men’s?” We do, in fact, cover all aspects of the cloth including women’s raw denim! The raw denim/heritage space itself, however, just happens to swing male-centric. We [...]

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