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Sugar Cane 1953 Type II Unsanforized Raw Denim Jacket

New on Self Edge shelves, the Sugar Cane 1953 Type II Unsanforized Raw Denim Jacket is made of a crispy 14.25 oz. selvedge denim and has all the typical Type II trappings – pleated front, dual breast [...]

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Court Walk-105

Two Third Wave Aprons – Coffee and Denim

Ah, the elixir of life that is a hot mug of coffee. I don’t ever want to say that I’m addicted. Rather, I depend on the stuff as though it were blood running through my veins – a basic, yet [...]

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Lightning Magazine’s Denim Indigo Style Reference Guide

As anyone who’s ever wandered into a bookstore in Tokyo will tell you, the Japanese have an intense obsession with cataloging, indexing, and filing away. Well the same people who put together Japanese workwear obsession magazine Lightning have done just that [...]

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Studio D’Artisan D1672 WWI Model Jeans

When it comes to war reenactment jeans, WWII gets all the attention. Denimheads flirt and fawn over the atypical 1944 Levi’s 501–what with it’s olive drab pocket bags, painted on arcuates, and laurel leaf hardware. It’s a testament to [...]

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Factelier x Japan Blue Factory Direct Made In Japan Jeans

With a factory direct model of retail, Factelier seeks to not only bring awareness to the “Made in Japan” label, but to the Japanese factories themselves. With middlemen vying for the lowest costs in order to satisfy retailers and customers, [...]

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Pure Blue Japan’s Slubby 18oz. XX-013-18

Sultans of slub, Pure Blue Japan‘s latest jean delivers the goods in a low-tension package we’ve come to expect. The fabric on this slim tapered jean is an updated version of their heavyweight 18 oz. slubby denim and is [...]

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Rogue Territory x Archival Denim Roll Top Backpack

We love a good collaboration. So when Rogue Territory and Archival teamed up, we knew it would be something worth watching out for. Set to release at August 13 at 12PM PST, the Rogue Territory x Archival Denim Roll Top Backpack mixes up different [...]

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Tenue de Nîmes Pablo Memphis II

Esteemed European denim dealer Tenue de Nîmes recently released their second run of proprietary jeans, the Tenue de Nîmes Pablo Memphis II. Made in Italy, the jean uses a 14.5 oz. Memphis Blue denim from Rampuya Mills. The denim itself has a [...]

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Shreddies Men’s Flatulence Blocking Fart Jeans

There are a lot of crap jeans in the market. Now, in the year 2015, there are fart jeans. Fart-filtering jeans to be more specific. No, this isn’t something you’ll find at Spencer’s. This new piece of techwear(?) from British-based Shreddies works by [...]

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Roy “Big Bro” Red Chambray Short Sleeve Baja Shirt

The latest from Roy has just hit Self Edge stores. Prime for summer wear, the Roy Big Bro Red Chambray Short Sleeve Baja Shirt is 1. thoroughly titled, and 2. full of tricks up the sleeves (and placket). It’s made of a lightweight 6 [...]

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