UBI-iND Gears Up for FW ’14

In a growing industry that seems to get to more and more saturated, it’s a challenge to stand out and separate yourself from the rest. But Ulrich “Ubi” Simpson has been in the game for a long time, having worked with [...]

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!iTEM Denim – LA’s Fashion Forward Raws

In the past 4-5 years, the rising popularity of raw selvedge denim has brought forth an increase in brands. And while they all have the same goal of creating better made goods, inevitably they begin to release products that seem [...]

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The New Standard Edition – New York’s Latest Raws

As many of you know, a few of us here at Rawr set up post in New York last month to cover Market Week. During the marathon runs of trade shows throughout the city, we met with many brands including [...]

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Norman Russell Denim – An Amalgam of Americana

American-made goods are making its way back into the market with plenty of independent denim companies at the helm. One such brand, Norman Russell, is taking that idea and keeping it in the family by building the brand with inspiration spanning four [...]

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Twilled & Co. – Introducing Korea’s Heritage Denim

South Korea has had a relatively low profile when it comes to raw denim but with the popularity of raw denim growing as fast as it is, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see more brands emerging from other countries [...]

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Ebbets Field Flannels

The Story Behind Ebbets Field Flannels

Like denim, baseball’s long history has been culturally significant for over a century with its iconic players, nickname as “America’s Pastime”, and the introduction of the baseball cap which is common across all styles around the world. As men’s styles shifted towards [...]

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story 4

STORY mfg. – Denim by a Different Set of Rules

“Slow Made”–it’s one of the many rules of British brand STORY mfg., and for a good reason. Their focus is on making sure everything is perfect in their eyes before it reaches the customer. That “everything” can mean developing fabric, waiting [...]

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JWJ Brand: Spain’s Upcoming Denim Artisans

With Iu Franquesa of Barcelona’s Companion Denim, Spain seems like the next big place for small denim labels. Based on the small Mediterranean island of Mallorca uncle and nephew Jose ‘Pepin’ Vives (left) and Jose Luis Vives (right) have blended [...]

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iron heart interview - 7

Iron Heart’s Two Bosses: Shinichi Haraki and Giles Padmore

This piece comes to us from Dylan Mayes, an Australian raw denim fan who’s traveled all over the world in pursuit of his favorite fabric in his Denim Pilgrimage. Dylan begins an internship at Iron Heart International in the UK [...]

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Clutch Monkey: Denim Vests With all the Trimmings

Raw denim Kickstarter campaigns are a heavily debated topic, one that polarizes denim heads between the potential of easier access to the fabric they love versus a disdain for a companies that focus on a [...]

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Epaulet’s EPLA Denim Collection: East Coast Meets West

It’s not often that you can say the names Kuroki, Kurabo, Kaihara, Cone, and Nihon Menpu (all well-respected denim mills) and be talking about one denim brand.

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Back to the Well: 3 Brands that Continue to Crowd Fund

When sites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe first blossomed in the early 2010s, many questioned the staying power of brands based on crowd funding. Some found it nearly insane to think that enough consumers could have blind faith in a product that they would [...]

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