JWJ Brand: Spain’s Upcoming Denim Artisans

With Iu Franquesa of Barcelona’s Companion Denim, Spain seems like the next big place for small denim labels. Based on the small Mediterranean island of Mallorca uncle and nephew Jose ‘Pepin’ Vives (left) and Jose Luis Vives (right) have blended [...]

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iron heart interview - 7

Iron Heart’s Two Bosses: Shinichi Haraki and Giles Padmore

This piece comes to us from Dylan Mayes, an Australian raw denim fan who’s traveled all over the world in pursuit of his favorite fabric in his Denim Pilgrimage. Dylan begins an internship at Iron Heart International in the UK [...]

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Clutch Monkey: Denim Vests With all the Trimmings

Raw denim Kickstarter campaigns are a heavily debated topic, one that polarizes denim heads between the potential of easier access to the fabric they love versus a disdain for a companies that focus on a [...]

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Epaulet’s EPLA Denim Collection: East Coast Meets West

It’s not often that you can say the names Kuroki, Kurabo, Kaihara, Cone, and Nihon Menpu (all well-respected denim mills) and be talking about one denim brand.

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Back to the Well: 3 Brands that Continue to Crowd Fund

When sites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe first blossomed in the early 2010s, many questioned the staying power of brands based on crowd funding. Some found it nearly insane to think that enough consumers could have blind faith in a product that they would [...]

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Dry Bones – Clothing Born from the Remains of the Past

One of the coolest companies producing raw denim and American Casual fashion remains somewhat obscure outside of Japan. Dry Bones is a brand with an aesthetic that’s immediately distinct from the styles popular outside of Japan. They draw their inspiration not [...]

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Shockoe Denim: Virginia’s Heritage Denim Specialists

There’s been a multitude of raw denim brands popping up all over the country, but that hasn’t stopped Anthony Lupesco and his family from launching Shockoe Denim half a year ago. Anthony’s goal is to make the best pair of [...]

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Folta and Co

Folta & Co. – Nearly 5 Years of Indonesian Raw Denim

As far as passionate denim countries go, Indonesia ranks up there with best of them; so much so that even Iron Heart and Self Edge felt it appropriate to pay tribute to the region. Folta & Co. is based in [...]

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Buck Mason feature pic

Buck Mason Jeans: Foregoing the Fashionable for the Timeless

There’s an adage that goes, “Fashion passes; style remains.” The guys over at Buck Mason have taken this lesson to heart. They offer “timeless essentials” such as oxford shirts, v-neck and crew-neck t-shirts, henleys, and as of a couple of weeks ago, [...]

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Fundamental Agreement Luxury – Clothing Polished by Wear

’’Finest quality clothing becomes polished with wear.’’ That is the statement of Fundamental Agreement Luxury (FDMTL). You may remember them from our Market Week Recap in January, they were founded and based in [...]

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Lotus peak coin pocket featured

Introducing Lotus Peak Denim: Japanese Influence in NYC

The folks behind Lotus Peak aren’t your typical Kickstarter brand. Founders Alex Mourokh, Tim Chaliy, and Irene Dubin invested their own money in their first batch of jeans, which included a slim tapered fit in a heavy super high slub 18oz. Japanese denim and a mid-rise straight fit in [...]

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Neuw Denim: Raw Jeans from Auckland to Brussels

From humble beginnings on Nieuwlandstraat in Brussels, Neuw Denim has grown to become a player in some of the largest denim markets in the world. The brand, a collaboration between designer Par Lundqvist, Steve Little and Richard Bell (the latter two [...]

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