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Fade Friday – Tellason Sheffield 16.5 Oz. (10 months, 4 washes)

Tellason has been going strong for about six years now, plenty of time for its customers to produce some nice fades and put the jeans to the test. We’ve featured a few pairs of Tellasons on Fade Friday in [...]

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Fade Friday – Left Field Indigo Canvas Chino (6 months, 2 washes)

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Christian McCann and his crew at the Left Field HQ out in Ridgewood, Queens. One of the many items he had out on display was a [...]

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!iTEM Denim – LA’s Fashion Forward Raws

In the past 4-5 years, the rising popularity of raw selvedge denim has brought forth an increase in brands. And while they all have the same goal of creating better made goods, inevitably they begin to release products that seem [...]

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The New Standard Edition – New York’s Latest Raws

As many of you know, a few of us here at Rawr set up post in New York last month to cover Market Week. During the marathon runs of trade shows throughout the city, we met with many brands including [...]

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Norman Russell Denim – An Amalgam of Americana

American-made goods are making its way back into the market with plenty of independent denim companies at the helm. One such brand, Norman Russell, is taking that idea and keeping it in the family by building the brand with inspiration spanning four [...]

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Twilled & Co. – Introducing Korea’s Heritage Denim

South Korea has had a relatively low profile when it comes to raw denim but with the popularity of raw denim growing as fast as it is, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see more brands emerging from other countries [...]

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Self Edge x Dry Bones x SF x SuFu (2.5 years, 12 washes) – Fade Friday

Back in 2008 and still in their early days, American boutique Self Edge teamed up with Japanese denim label Dry Bones to create a collaborative pair with menswear message board Styleforum. The [...]

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The Rawr Denim Events Calendar: August 14 – 21

This week in raw denim events features the opening of new Canadian shop High Grade Clothing and Vater & Sohn's Sommerfest in Hamburg.

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Inside The Agenda Long Beach Trade Show

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head to Downtown Long Beach to attend the Agenda Show, a venue where brands display their upcoming collections to prospective buyers and press. While Agenda primarily caters to brands in the surf [...]

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Bandit Photographer Cory Piehowicz – Exclusive Interview

Outside of a retail store, it was the biggest stack of denim I had ever seen. “Would you say you’ve got more denim than you do socks?” I asked. Cory laughed. It wasn’t a sheepish laugh; rather it seemed to simultaneously acknowledge and [...]

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Fade Friday – A.P.C. Petit New Standard (1.5 years, 6 washes, 0 soaks)

Getting into raw denim used to mean learning your A.P.C.’s. The French fashion label’s five pocket had minimalistic designs, quick fades, and an attainable price that made it the perfect starter jean. Their quality has gone down as the price has gone [...]

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raw denim events feature

The Rawr Denim Events Calendar: August 7 – 15

This week's Rawr Denim Events Calendar features a store anniversary in St. Louis, a Kapital World Movie Screening in Bangkok, and a trends talk in Philly.

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