Steel Feather SF0216 & SF0215 Slim Tapered Jeans

UK retailer Rivet and Hide has been featured on Rawr Denim many times before, whether it was an interview with shop owner Danny Hodgson or for the impressive fades on their exclusive Steel Feather denim. Helmed by Anders Helseth, the [...]

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NF Elephant 4 Featured

Naked & Famous Elephant 4 – Just Released

Though we’re still technically in summer, fall and winter are just around the corner. To prepare for the dropping temperatures, Canadian company Naked & Famous have just released their latest collection including several jeans designed in true Naked & Famous style. They’ve got [...]

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Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarers – Just Announced

Well, Ray-Ban is making sure that you will see and be seen with their special-edition line of glasses as part of the “Order of Never Hide.” They have Wayfarers trimmed in leather, “urban camo,” and, as the title suggests, denim! Yep, Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarers are coming soon. [...]

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BDD patch

Benzak Denim Developers Launches New Crowdfunder

We introduced you to Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) a couple of years ago. Based in Amsterdam, Holland, the one-man brand is operated by Lennaert Nijgh, who finishes every pair of [...]

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Scout Seattle Raw Denim Sleeping Bag – Recently Released

Spending time in the great outdoors often means compromising style for practicality. George Mallory may have looked dashing when he set out to conquer Everest in his Harris Tweed suit, but he also died in it. Well the good folks at [...]

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Pure Blue Japan Black Coated BKCT-013 – Just Released

Masters of slub, Pure Blue Japan, have just released a new model in the same fit as their slim tapered XX-013. The jean features a black paint-like coating layered on top of the indigo denim, giving it an initial waxy [...]

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Brooks England x Levi’s Commuter Denim Saddles

Ever since Levi’s dove into the world of cycling with its Commuter line, they’ve attempted to blend the classic Levi cool with a higher level of functionality. So it’s of little surprise [...]

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JackKnife x Awitan 5

Jack/Knife x Brian Awitan Owner Made Series: Just released

Expanding their ready-to-wear collection, Bay Area denim obsessives Jack/Knife have come out with a small collection of garments inspired by and in collaboration with menswear OG Brian Awitan. Awitan [...]

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indigoskin x momotaro 2 cropped

Momotaro x Indigoskin Lot2: Just Released

This coming fall Take5 will be producing a collaboration between Thai brand Indigoskin and famed Japanese denim brand, Momotaro. Based in Siam, Indigoskin infuses a little Thai flavor into their jeans by incorporating traditional Thai fabrics and patterns into their denim. If you haven’t heard of them [...]

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Naked and Famous Kimono Trim Jeans – Recently Released

The folks at Naked and Famous are offering yet another unique piece–and for this one, it’s mostly on the inside.  The Kimono Trim Jeans are made from 13-ounce indigo rope-dyed Japanese selvedge denim with a dark indigo warp and a pale khaki-colored weft. But [...]

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Blue Owl x Momotaro 8 Jeans – Just Released

Momotaro and Blue Owl are back at it again. Just yesterday, they released the eighth iteration of their ongoing series of collaborations, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The BOM008 jeans tip the scales at 18oz., a bit more than Momo’s usual offerings [...]

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Elhaus Iron Tail shell stitch featured

Elhaus Iron Tail Summer Jeans: Just Released

Relatively unknown to the game is Jakarta-based brand, Elhaus. With a knack for the technical and leaning toward innovation, the brand produces garments that are both modern and classic. Their entire Summer 2014 collection is full of welcomed surprises, but [...]

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