Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim - One Man Brands

Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim – One Man Brands

Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim – One Man Brands For our newest instalment of the One Man Brands series, we take you across the Atlantic to meet Iu Franquesa of Barcelona, Spain. He is the owner and sole employee of

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Endrime Denim Review

Endrime MS0006 Ergonomic Cinch Back Skinny Jeans – Denim Review

A few months ago, we introduced you to Endrime, brainchild of Mohsin Sajid, the experienced London-based designer of all things denim. The brand is new to the denim industry and unveiled [...]

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GUSTIN Denim Review

GUSTIN Loomstate Denim – Review

GUSTIN made a pretty big splash a couple years back when they introduced their platform of crowdsourcing and selling selvedge denim at wholesale prices. Needless to say, their Kickstarter campaign was a huge success as they raised nearly [...]

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Circle A Brand - One Man Brand

Russell Shurtz, Circle A Brand – One Man Brand

Russell Shurtz started his Circle A Brand out of necessity. Shurtz, 35, who says his height is somewhere between Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Simon, couldn’t find jeans that fit and were tight enough in his punk rock days in [...]

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The Essential Guide To Japanese Denim Proxy Services

The Essential Guide To Japanese Denim Proxy Services

Ordering jeans or other clothing from Japan can be a daunting task. Most Japanese retailers have little – if any – English presence or customer support and thus checkout processes can be frightening, particularly when you have no ideas what [...]

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MATiAS Denim Coronel Koji Raw Denim – Denim Review

A few weeks ago we introduced the Los Angeles, California-based MATiAS Denim and its founder, Matias Sandoval.  I was recently able to get a pair of the Coronel Koji jeans to test out, paying attention [...]

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Raw Denim - A State of the Union

Raw Denim – A State of the Union

Growing up through the early 2000′s shaped my fashion sense in a unique way. Through my teenage years I found myself deeply immersed in the punk rock and skateboarding scenes. As many of you know, both of these cultures have [...]

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BHP Feature Image

Black House Project and Nigel Reyes – One Man Brand

It’s always great to see more and more denim brands entering the market. However, in all honesty, there’s only so much unique one can say about a pair of jeans. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good pair of [...]

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Etsy Feature

The Etsy Edge – 12 Raw Denim Items That Are Built To Last

Etsy is great. Not only does it have an incredible selection of vintage clothing items, but it is also home to many great handmade goods. Amidst the jewelry and other crafty items, there is also a fantastic selection of [...]

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Left Field Featured

Left Field NYC Chelsea Jean – Denim Review

I was recently able to put a pair of Left Field NYC Chelsea jeans to the test, excitedly getting into the box to put the relatively emerging New York-based brand’s slimmest jean through their paces. The Chelsea is the brand’s second fit – a [...]

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matias featured

Introducing MATiAS Denim – One Man Brand

MATiAS Denim brand owner Matias Sandoval with his worktable and product While many selvedge denim brands these days play up their proclivity towards heritage, one brand that advertises their use of a more modern style of heritage as primary inspiration [...]

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I Love Ugly Selvedge Denim – Review

Since the release of their first pair of raw selvedge denim, i love ugly have returned to the drawing board and sourced a new denim supplier and production facility; culminating in the release of a new pair of jeans that are literally [...]

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