Stephane Muller and Makoto Kawaii at Muller & Bros Exhibition

Muller & Bros. – 1930s – 1950s Inspired French and American Workwear

We all have our own reasons to prefer certain brands. These reasons develop as one’s taste matures with age and a better overall understanding of denim. Soon our attention starts getting drawn to details we didn’t really care when we [...]

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Roy Cotton Duck Selvedge Foreman Pants

Self Edge is once again stocked with some fresh new Roy goodness. This time it’s his Cotton Duck Foreman Pants. They’re made of a Cone Mills sanforized 10.5 oz selvedge duck cotton that’s been fiber dyed in a fit [...]

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Images courtesy of Beams

Beams Plus Autumn Winter 2015 Lookbook

There’s no doubt in my mind that Beams has some of the best stylists out there. The Beams Plus AW 2015 line reinforces this fact. As our Managing Editor put it, it’s “If James Dean wore baggy pleats…” That might sound like [...]

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Rogue Territory FW15 Flannel Shirting

It might not technically be fall yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it. You can start with the recently released set of shirts from Rogue Territory. There’s many a flannel for this fall/winter ’15 drop, some of [...]

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Fifthrequisite Jeans – Thai Raw Denim

“Eat, Drink, Sleep, Sex”, those are the four main needs of a human being according to Thai raw denim brand Fifthrequisite. There is, however, another requirement; a fifth requisite, if you will. And that is the need to wear really [...]

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The Hill-Side one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers

These may not be the VMA’s, but GQ‘s short list of 2015’s Best New Menswear Designers in America puts the spotlight on small, but promising, menswear designers. Included in that list are David Hart, NSF, and Stampd. But the award couldn’t have been better timed for [...]

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Mourning Maple Motorcycle Jeans

If you’re a Maple Motorcycle Jeans fan and you haven’t seen this e-mail, we’re sorry to have to break the news to you. We covered the hog-riding, denim-donning brand several years back and are now mourning this loss. Quality denim devoid [...]

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3sixteen Iterations Volume 1 – Short Sleeve Shirts

Generally speaking, the fashion industry operates biannually – fall/winter and spring/summer. While this dictates product roll-out for a majority of retailers, many of the smaller brands produce their goods on their own schedules. Of course, these independent brands still keep [...]

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Freenote Cloth – One Year Later

One defining characteristic of our corner of the industry—call it “heritage,” call it “craft menswear,” call it what you will—is a reverence for what has come before. To some extent, there is even a fetishistic quality in this fascination with [...]

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Kapital’s Fall / Winter ’15 Lookbook – Route E10 Lappland

If there’s one thing Kapital is known for beyond their clothing it’s their incredibly produced lookbooks. From “Peace Pilgirms”, to “Deniming for Sunken Treasure”, to “Sailor Ninjas”, the Kapital crew has been all over the world to photograph each season of [...]

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