Mourning Maple Motorcycle Jeans

If you’re a Maple Motorcycle Jeans fan and you haven’t seen this e-mail, we’re sorry to have to break the news to you. We covered the hog-riding, denim-donning brand several years back and are now mourning this loss. Quality denim devoid [...]

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3sixteen Iterations Volume 1 – Short Sleeve Shirts

Generally speaking, the fashion industry operates biannually – fall/winter and spring/summer. While this dictates product roll-out for a majority of retailers, many of the smaller brands produce their goods on their own schedules. Of course, these independent brands still keep [...]

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Freenote Cloth – One Year Later

One defining characteristic of our corner of the industry—call it “heritage,” call it “craft menswear,” call it what you will—is a reverence for what has come before. To some extent, there is even a fetishistic quality in this fascination with [...]

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Kapital’s Fall / Winter ’15 Lookbook – Route E10 Lappland

If there’s one thing Kapital is known for beyond their clothing it’s their incredibly produced lookbooks. From “Peace Pilgirms”, to “Deniming for Sunken Treasure”, to “Sailor Ninjas”, the Kapital crew has been all over the world to photograph each season of [...]

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Cover of Lightning Magazine's Vintage Denim issue

Japanese Magazine Specialties: Tokushu, Bessatsu and Mook Books

Japan has, without a doubt, the widest and the best menswear magazine offerings on the planet. Just head to your average convenient store, or conbini, and you will see at least 20 different titles just for fashion. We’re not [...]

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Self Edge “Lost Island” Summer 2015 Lookbook

Denim retail institution Self Edge is back with a seasonal lookbook of their summer offerings. It’s a little denim light for the retailer known for its stock of heavyweights like Iron Heart and The Flat Head, and instead features more of their [...]

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Shockoe Atelier Fall/Winter 2015 Core Denim Fabrics

We might just be a little past the half-way mark of 2015, but to say Richmond, VA’s Shockoe has had an interesting year so far would be a big understatement. Founded in 2012, the brand launched with an exclusive focus on [...]

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6 Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirts for Long Summers

Now that we’re officially in the dog days of summer, every inch of exposed skin matters. And while we would never encourage NOT wearing jeans, here are a few options that could make the difference up top. All of these [...]

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The Hill-Side 2015 Summer Lookbook

Brooklyn’s own The Hill-Side released their 2015 summer lookbook. Shot within just a few blocks of their Williamsburg home base, the book features TH-S’s new tops, sneakers, accessories, and quite a bit of their new Made-in-Japan selvedge denim. Layering may not [...]

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Inside Tanner Goods Portland Workshop

Leather and accessories brand Tanner Goods has had to relocate several times since the company’s inception in 2006. As their selection of belts, bags, and wallets grew to fill two retail stores and over a hundred stockists worldwide, the [...]

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