Sun/Set/Star x Big John Japanther Waistcoat

One of Japan’s oldest denim manufacturers, Big John has teamed up with Austrian boutique Sun/Set/Star for a workwear inspired collaboration. It’s the second installation in their ongoing ‘Japanther’ collaboration. The Big John x Sunsetstar “Japanther” Waistcoat comes in an all cotton ‘Grandrelle Navy Stripe [...]

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cc filson

Nigel Cabourn X Filson Work Cape Jacket Review

This past September, Filson released a capsule collection with British designer Nigel Cabourn at the helm. The CC Filson line was met with overwhelming hype and anticipation, causing initial runs of the collab pieces to sell out in days. Now, despite restocking, only a few select [...]

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The Hill-Side Fabric Store Now Open

The Hill-Side has been known for making their modern goods using quality fabrics that are as beautiful as they are unique. If you’ve ever found yourself ogling one of their patterns, now’s your chance to actually own a cut of their [...]

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Noble Denim x Bulleit Bourbon – Bourbon Barrel Aged Jeans

If you’re the type of person that thinks you’ve seen everything denim has to offer, we’ve got something new for you. Noble Denim has teamed up with Bulleit Bourbon to experiment with dipping 50 pairs their Truman and Earnest fit jeans into [...]

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Doublewood – Denim Made Well in China

In almost every industry, the phrase “Made in China” is often cast in a more negative light as it is associated with lower quality goods although at generally lower prices. It’s a justified viewpoint since that outsourcing has become the [...]

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North Carolina’s Circle A Brand Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The world of fashion tends to gravitate towards California and New York in North America. But in vintage workwear, Americana, and denim, few regions of the United States have deeper roots than North Carolina. Helped along by the almighty White Oak from

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The Rise and Fall and Rise Of PF Flyers

PF Flyers is one of the most storied names in American sneakers and yet, the company was nearly defunct a decade ago. Back then, its customer base solely consisted of sneaker aficionados and collectors who were paying upwards of $250 for a vintage pair. [...]

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Close Up

Civilianaire Standard Slim – Denim Review

Civilianaire is a curious case study in the realm of raw. As the progeny of Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman, the duo behind Jean Shop and Lucky Brand, it’s surprising that Civilianaire is not more known. Despite multiple brick and mortar shops and [...]

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Feltraiger: A Different Kind of Heritage Denim

New York has always been an important city when it comes to fashion. Specifically with denim, many of the more prominent brands like 3sixteen and Left Field as well as several smaller brands operate and draw inspiration from the city. With so [...]

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Circle of Friends: Sweden’s Denim Revival

As many denim enthusiasts know, the most favored denim mills call Japan (and North Carolina) their home. There are plenty of other countries that produce denim (e.g. Elhaus of Indonesia), following the current resurgence of premium denim brands and although the fabric’s name [...]

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