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Diving Into the World Of Fake And Faulty Raw Denim

With millions of pairs of jeans produced annually, the denim market is a popular and large target for the imitation industry, and no doubt a growing concern for many companies. Simply put, the more successful and well-known a brandname, for [...]

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raw denim fades

A Series Of Personal And Evolutionary Denim Fades

It’s no secret that there is no silver bullet when it comes to achieving natural, surreal raw denim fades. It’s a complex process that largely depends on the denim model and make – including fit, fabric, weight, and dye [...]

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Ultimate Denim Collection - The Denim Museum

Ultimate Denim Collection – The Jeans Museum

Ultimate Denim Collection – The Denim Museum Started in 1973 by Ruedi Karrer in the Swiss mountains, The Jeans Museum first opened the door to its Zurich location in 2001. The Jeans Museum encourage all denim heads to use their raw denim stuff as long as possible, [...]

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