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Tulup Feat

Jesper Remmerswaal, Tulp Jeans – One Man Brand

Based in the Netherlands, Tulp Jeans is a small operation run by Jesper Remmerswaal from a room at the back of his cozy apartment in the charming town of Delft. His passion for raw denim was instilled originally by his brother who [...]

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Pace Jeans

Pace Jeans – From Sweden to America And Back Again

Drawing inspiration from one man’s journey half way around the globe during the 1900s, Pace Jeans was founded in 2003 by husband and wife duo, Klas and Cecilia Erixon. As the story is recounted by the Swedish brand, Klas’ grandfather, Erik Erixon, emigrated to America at [...]

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Lee Jeans Dry Denim Survival Weekend

Lee Jeans x Wolverine x Long-John Dry Denim Survival Weekend

The aftermath from the “Lee Jeans Dry Denim Survival Weekend” Earlier last year in October, Lee Jeans organized one of the most remarkable and noteworthy denim events of the year – the Lee Jeans Dry Denim Survival Weekend. Co-organized with Wolverine Boots and [...]

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Jason Denham, Founder of Denham - Studio Visit and Interview

Jason Denham, Founder of Denham – Studio Visit and Interview

Jason Denham (L), Paul Travi of Though just five years young, Denham Jeans has accomplished more in its short lifespan thus far than many other companies and brands hope to accomplish in a lifetime. By the numbers, their portfolio currently consists [...]

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Introducing Pike Brothers – A Revival of Utility and Tradition

It goes without saying that hot rods, motorcycles and vintage engines are very popular in Germany. So popular, in fact, that riders tend to spend much more on their rides than proper garments that can resist the ravages of the [...]

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Fade Friday – BIG JOHN M106D-000K (10 Months, 2 Washes)

  For this Fade Friday our friends from BIG JOHN have presented us with an amazing pair of faded M106D-000K featuring a slim tapered fit and faux-slub fabric. These jeans were worn by Kiyo Kakemizu, the company’s sales manager, for a period [...]

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Tenue de Nîmes Denim Dictionary: Just Released

Tenue de Nîmes Denim Dictionary: Just Released

Front and back, the Denim Dictionary The famed Tenue de Nîmes denim-focussed store in Amsterdam have recently released their 5th edition of “Nouvelle de Nîmes”, a denim lifestyle gazette available both online and from the shop itself. This 5th issue of Nouvelle de Nîmes [...]

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custom leather patch

DC4’s Custom Leather Patch Service – A Personalized Touch

In the race to reach total customization of consumer products, we have seen many things customized from motorbikes and cars to sneakers and suits. However, we denim-heads often have the attitude that customization is something we should achieve with our [...]

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rhys davies

A Conversation with Rhys Davies, Sales Director of EVISU

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Rhys Davies, the Sales Director of one of the best known Japanese raw denim companies, EVISU. Through our conversation, Davies shed some light on his background, how EVISU deals counterfeit products, their design [...]

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Blue Archives: A Dutch Denim Exhibition of the New and Old

As part of the Modefabriek fashion show earlier last month, Amsterdam was host to the Blue Archives – an exhibit showcasing select pieces from Ruedi Karrer’s Swiss Jeans Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. Wouter Munnichs, from the Long-John blog, curated the selection with [...]

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