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Alyasha Owerka-Moore, PF Flyers Brand Historian – Interview Part II

We recently had the chance to speak with legendary designer, Alyasha Owerka-Moore. In Part I of our conversation, we learned about Aly’s background, his admiration for PF Flyers, and some interesting insights about the heritage footwear brand. For our second [...]

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Alyasha Owerka-Moore, PF Flyers Brand Historian – Interview Part I

Though first and foremost a skateboarder, Alyasha Owerka-Moore has donned a handful of hats since breaking into the apparel industry nearly thirty years ago, including: designer, creative director, entrepreneur, and more recently, brand historian. Indeed, through either helming or helping shape several pivotal brands–e.g. Phat [...]

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Robert McMillan, Founder of Four Star Denim & Apparel – Interview

Kickstarter. Since it’s inception in 2009, literally everything imaginable has cropped up on the online crowdfunding website; from the evolutionary and enlightening to the bizarre and pure nutty (pun intended). Given the risks and high barriers to entry for seriously starting anything [...]

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Shockoe Atelier Fall/Winter 2015 Core Denim Fabrics

We might just be a little past the half-way mark of 2015, but to say Richmond, VA’s Shockoe has had an interesting year so far would be a big understatement. Founded in 2012, the brand launched with an exclusive focus on [...]

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Left Field NYC Collect Mills 14 Oz. Dark Grey Heather Chelsea

Never one to rest on their laurels, Left Field NYC unveils the latest addition to their lineup, the Collect Mills Dark Grey Heather Chelsea jean. Weighing in at a mid-weight 14 oz, the denim is sure to be welcomed by those looking for something [...]

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Okayama Denim Giveaway

Submit Your Fades For A $200 Okayama Denim Gift Card Giveaway

Yesterday officially heralded the beginning of summer for those in the northern hemisphere. To kick off the change of season the right way, we’ve saddled up with Japanese wares purveyors, Okayama Denim, on our latest giveaway! Through Monday, June 29th, up for grabs are [...]

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Amsterdam Denim Days Bluerprint 2015

Amsterdam Denim Days 2015 Part II – Blueprint

Nearly two months ago, we trekked across the Atlantic Ocean and descended upon Amsterdam for the annual Amsterdam Denim Days festival. In part I of our coverage, we recapped our visit to the famous denim textile show,

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KingPins Amsterdam Denim Days 2015

Amsterdam Denim Days 2015 Part I – Kingpins

Around this time last year, we hit the road and made our way across the pond to Amsterdam, The Netherlands for the very first edition of the Amsterdam Denim Days festival – a four-day celebration of all things indigo [...]

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Benno Cooper, Co-founder Chain Stitches

Benno Cooper, Chain Stitches Co-Founder – Exclusive Interview

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware of all the buzz coming out of South East Asia these days. We ourselves can’t get enough of the drool-worthy, picture perfect, and incomparable denim fades submitted from those in [...]

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Left Field NYC Pocket and Rat Tail Vintage Hair Combs

Take one look at Left Field NYC (or just listen to their founder speak) and it’s clear what they stand for – US manufacturing, superior (read: vintage) production techniques, and a deep appreciation for 1950’s Americana style. Though many [...]

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