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In Search of Dad Jeans – Tellason John Graham Mellor Review

Editor’s Note: Whenever anyone over the age of 40 asks me about getting into raw denim, I always recommend the same pair of jeans–Tellason Ankara 12.5oz. They have a generous fit, they are well made, they have very subtle branding, [...]

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Vintage Sewing Machines – The Complete Guide

The machine that often gets the bulk of the attention in the raw denim world is the Union Special 43200G chainstitch hemmer (see Self Edge’s above). We wanted to take a deeper look at some of the equally important vintage [...]

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The Big Thigh Selvedge Denim Showdown

This article comes to us courtesy of Brett McKay, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Art of Manliness, one of the largest independent men’s lifestyle sites on the web. He also has giant thighs that has made finding properly fitting [...]

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3sixteen’s Tour of Kuroki Mills: Denim From Start to Finish

New York’s 3sixteen has long had the honor of being one of the only small raw denim companies with their own proprietary fabric. They developed their 14.5oz 100x selvedge denim with Japan’s 

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Blue 7 Clean Start Fading Project 2014

This post comes to us courtesy of Ethan Hickerson of Oklahoma City denim boutique Blue 7 and chronicles their latest Clean Start event. Check our update from last year’s Clean Start for more info. Clean Start is [...]

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iron heart interview - 7

Iron Heart’s Two Bosses: Shinichi Haraki and Giles Padmore

This piece comes to us from Dylan Mayes, an Australian raw denim fan who’s traveled all over the world in pursuit of his favorite fabric in his Denim Pilgrimage. Dylan begins an internship at Iron Heart International in the UK [...]

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Clean Start

Blue Seven Clean Start 2012-13 Event Re-Cap

Note: This is a special guest post from Jacob Peregrin, who is a part of Blue Seven – a clothing store based in Oklahama City – and the owner of a previously featured Nudie Grim Trim. Each year, Blue Seven hosts a raw denim event, “Clean [...]

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“Warp And Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary” – Now Complete

Warp And Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary – Now Complete Note: This is a guest post from Devin Leisher, one of the producers of the documentary, Warp & Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary. After successfully raising their funds from their

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Fade Friday Iron Heart 634 MINI

Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634 MINI (12 Months, 0 Washes)

Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634 MINI (12 Months, 0 Washes) This is a guest post from our forum user, Megatron1505, who sent us a denim fade like no other seven months ago – the Iron Heart 634 MINI – [...]

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Heavyweight Denim Championship Round 2 (HWDC2)

Heavyweight Denim Championship 2 This is a guest post by our forum user, Megatron1505, who is the co-organizer of the denim competition, Heavyweight Denim Championship 2 (HWDC2). At the beginning of January 2011 we began the first Heavyweight Denim Championship (HWDC), a [...]

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