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Iron Heart

Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster Limited Edition 25 Oz. (IHxBxHCx25oz)

Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster Heavyweight Championship 25 Oz. Denim (IHxBxHCx25oz) It started as just a bit of wishful thinking, but with the thoughts of the first Heavyweight Denim Championship fresh in my mind, all I knew was that I [...]

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Bluesville – A Natural Combination Of Dye, Talent, And Tradition

In a market where the customer places increasing value on natural, organic material, and heritage manufacture and design, Indonesia’s Bluesville stands alone for their incorporation and use of their country’s natural resources and talent. Founded in 2011 by partners Osi, [...]

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Maine St

Maine St – Toe-To-Toe With The Wild West

Maine St. – Hand brogue detailing on a top cut of leather In my experience, people who love quality raw denim also tend to love their footwear. Browse any denim forum and you will find a footwear section, browse any [...]

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Elhaus Denim

Elhaus – A Distinctly Indonesian Denim Dynamic

Elhaus Denim – Indonesian Born And Bred (Photo Source: As the inaugural post of a series of articles covering lesser known brands, we begin with the Indonesian brand Elhaus. Launched in 2010, in Jakarta, Indonesia, the brand focuses on clean, [...]

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Official Announcement – Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013-2015

Megatron1505 and Beatle – the organizing team behind the Heavyweight Denim Championship 2 Months after first announcing that the Heavyweight Championships would indeed have a Round 2, here is the official overview. Since then, however, developments have moved pretty fast and [...]

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Elhaus War Bonnet - Single Continuous Stitch Pocket Construction

A Brave New World Of Quality Denim and Apparel

Elhaus War Bonnet – Single Continuous Stitch Pocket Construction There has been a thought rattling around inside the Mega-Dome (my ample sized head) for a while now, that there must be many small, local, artisan brands all over the world, [...]

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