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Understanding Camo: The 13 Patterns to Know

The word camouflage is said to have originated from the Parisian slang term camoufler (meaning “to disguise”) after the French army began employing artists to paint their artillery and observation posts in the same patterns as the forest during World War [...]

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Mister Freedom Pulls Patch on S/S 15 “Saigon Cowboy” Collection

Mister Freedom revealed images from their upcoming SS 15 collection known as “Saigon Cowboy” last week. As the name would imply, the line is heavily inspired by US military clothing and culture during the Vietnam War. Mister Freedom went the extra [...]

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Pure Blue Japan Indigo Dyed Beanies

Let it never be said that we don’t appreciate indigo at Rawr Denim. Besides the obvious blue jeans, we’ve covered indigo socks,

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The Brannock Device – A Better Way to Measure Feet

Even if you don’t know what it’s called, chances are you’ve known the icy, calculated touch of the machine known as the Brannock Device. The two pound block of milled steel has been the gold standard for measuring feet for almost [...]

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Fade Friday – 3sixteen ST-100x (5 years, 6 washes, 1 soak)

Most of the denim we see float through Fade Friday hardly makes it beyond two years. They get beaten up, blown out, and retired at the expense of fast fades. But every once and while though we get a blast [...]

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Imogene + Willie Owners Sued by Former Investor

Nashville’s Imogene + Willie has grown by leaps and bounds since its start over a decade ago. Owner’s Matt and Carrie Eddmenson have gone from sewing jeans in an old gas station to an international denim brand sold everywhere from Steven Alan to Tenue de Nimes. But [...]

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Follow Along With NYC Market Week A/W 15

It’s that time of the year again, M-M-M-MARKET WEEK. The biannual gathering of brands, buyers, and press to see what everyone has planned two seasons in advance. These industry-only events are crucial to the fashion world as they not only [...]

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Denim Dudes – Profiles of Indigo Obsession

Upcoming book release Denim Dudes takes a new look at the working men of the cloth. Spanning North America, Europe, Japan, and Oceania, the book profiles over 80 of the world’s top denim designers, collectors, and enthusiasts. Devoted readers of this site will recognize [...]

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Fade Friday – Fullcount & Co. 2737 Jacket (9 months, 1 soak, 1 wash)

Fading a pair of raw denim jeans to grail status often takes years of dedication, forgoing washes, and near daily wear. Fading a jacket usually takes even longer–it’s not worn as much, there’s not as much stress or friction. Not [...]

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The Best Raw Denim Fade of 2014

The people have spoken. After several thousand votes on our Top 10 Fade Fridays, we’re proud to announce that the prestigious title of Top Fade of 2014 goes to [...]

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