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Rogue Territory Supply Jacket

Rogue Territory Supply Jacket Review: Desert Wash 14.5 Nihon Menpu

We’re all probably familiar with Rogue Territory at this point, having profiled them in our One Man Brand’s series and looked at a number of

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Freenote Cloth Denim Feat

Introducing Freenote Cloth

We in the raw denim world often complain about new brands being a dime a dozen, but it does still occasionally happen that a brand will emerge on the radar that has the potential to surprise and gain traction in [...]

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Left Field Featured

Left Field NYC Chelsea Jean – Denim Review

I was recently able to put a pair of Left Field NYC Chelsea jeans to the test, excitedly getting into the box to put the relatively emerging New York-based brand’s slimmest jean through their paces. The Chelsea is the brand’s second fit – a [...]

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photo via Hiut

Hiut Denim Co. – Narrowly Focused And Full Of Purpose

Hailing from the misty moor of Cardigan, Wales, Hiut Denim Co has utilized every little bit of the town’s denim manufacturing heritage to drive their business forwards with the focussed goal of doing one thing exceptionally. As we touched upon when [...]

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BEAM x Levi's

Levi’s x BEAMS 513 Straight Raw Denim – Just Released

BEAMS is traditionally well known for putting their own contemporary Japanese finishes on traditional Americana, a reputation that sets the stage perfectly for their recent collaboration with iconic American denim brand Levi’s. The collaboration features a BEAMS update of the Slim/Straight Levi’s 513, an iconic [...]

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The GRO Project – Melding Craftsmanship And Streetwear

The GRO Project – The Intersection Between Craftsmanship And Streetwear In following their brand mantra, “Stay inspired and always go after your passion before trend,”  The GRO Project have developed their own right hand twill selvedge denim marrying American denim [...]

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i love ugly Raw Selvedge Denim – Just Released

i love ugly Japanese Selvedge New Zealand-based company i love ugly has been making waves recently in the menswear game, working its way from obscurity to regular appearances on Hypebeast and similar style sites within a year. Making it in North America [...]

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workers featured

Workers For INVENTORY 5-Pocket Denim – Just Released

Workers for Inventory Items Vancouver’s Inventory recently released their first denim in a long series of Inventory Items collaborations, teaming up with Japanese brand Workers who we recently covered to produce their interpretation of the traditional 5 pocket [...]

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Momotaro x Blue Owl “Midnight Warrior” Tapered 15.7oz Raw Selvedge (BOM005)

Momotaro x Blue Owl “Midnight Warrior” Announced just a few weeks ago, Seattle based shop, Blue Owl Workshop, recently collaborated with the brand who’s name is derived from Japanese folklore, Momotaro, to create the “Midnight Warrior” Tapered 15.7oz Raw Selvedge (BOM005). This pair [...]

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featured image

Left Field NYC Lightweight Pieces – Chambray Workshirt & 10 Oz. Chino Pants

10 oz Japanese Twill Chinos While we at Rawr Denim of course enjoy our denim, there comes a time in summer where wearing our favorite pair just may not be quite as comfortable as we’d like. For days like this, it’s nice [...]

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