3x1 Denim Solution

3×1 Denim Solution – Raw Denim Detergent

3×1 Denim Solution In the past, we’ve covered lots of different methods for taking care of your raw denim, from cleaning to repairing, as well as a number of wash strategies like the classic soak, the famous freezing technique, and the salt [...]

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How To Make Your Raw Denim Last Longer

How To Make Your Raw Denim Last Longer

How To Make Your Raw Denim Last Longer Raw denim is an investment, no doubt about it. Typically, they’re not cheap. Sure, you can get a pair of raw, selvedge denim for $20, and there’s a lot of raw jeans [...]

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3Sixteen+ 12bsp Large Selvedge

How To Repair Selvedge After Denim Alteration

The Common Side Effect of Tapering Denim - A Funny Looking Selvedge Note: This post is a guest post submitted by David Zheng. If you’d like to follow him and his work, check out his tumblr. Denim adjustments of any scale [...]

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When Should I Wash My Raw Jeans? – A Rough Guide

Do You Wash Your Jeans Based On Your Calendar? So you finally got your first pair of raw jeans. Congrats! No doubt you’ve heard that washing is the crucial “make-it-or-break-it” step towards owning a wicked pair of raws. You’ve done [...]

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How To Repair Raw Denim Holes & Blowouts via Darning

Repairing Raw Denim – The Darning Technique (source: ajchen.com) Without a doubt, one of the biggest annoyances one has to endure in their raw denim journey is the multitude of rips, tears, holes, and all-encompassing blowouts. What may first seem like [...]

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Raw Denim Cleaning – Vinegar Soak, Oven Treatment

Raw Denim Oven Treatment - Who Would've Thought? It’s been some time since our last raw denim care article, and we honestly thought it wouldn’t be until 2012 that we could sufficiently add to this category. However, that was until [...]

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Raw Denim Cleaning Alternative - A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care

Alternative Cleaning – A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care

Raw Denim Cleaning Alternative - A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care Over the past few months, we have covered several methods and agents for cleaning your raw denim – ranging from a classic soak and infamous freezing technique, to incorporating Sugar Cane [...]

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Selvedge coin pocket covered in sand

Raw Denim Jeans Ocean Wash – The Definitive Guide

After many hours of dreaming about performing a beach wash for my raw denim, I had the opportunity to wash my jeans in Mexico and Australia. In 2010, I decided to hold off on the beach wash in Mexico because [...]

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How To Remove Blood Stain From Raw Denim

5 Steps To Removing Blood From Your Raw Denim

How To Remove Blood Stain From Raw Denim The unspoken, golden rule amongst denim heads is clear – do not wash your raw denim for the first six months.  Putting the germaphobe’s concerns aside (though there is no argument to [...]

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15 year old LVC 501XX

Fade Types – Whiskers/Hige & Honeycombs

15 year old LVC 501XX (source: blackandtannedny.wordpress.com) We’ve mentioned numerous times across many posts about fades (we’ve even carved out our very own Fade Friday), but have never actually put in the time to talk a little bit about subject.  Not that [...]

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Sugar Cane Vintage Wash Detergent

Sugar Cane Soap – Vintage Wash & Premium Care Detergent

Sugar Cane Vintage Wash & Premium Care Detergent We had the chance to sit down with Sean (mentioned in our earlier post – see “Tokyo Denim Scene Tour – Blue In Green’s Gordon Heffner“) and after sharing his stories wandering [...]

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Chewing Gum Stuck On Denim

Sticky Situation – How To Remove Chewing Gum From Denim

The Pits - Chewing Gum (source: Flickr) Regardless of how it goes down, the general reaction is the same – fuck!  As far as raw denim goes, getting chewing gum stuck on your denim is seemingly one of the most [...]

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