Huckberry x Rawr Denim Curated Shop

Rawr Denim x Huckberry “Selvedge Tracks” Curated Shop

We’re proud to announce Selvedge Tracks, a limited time collaboration between Rawr Denim and online mens retailer Huckberry. Huckberry gave us the opportunity to bring together some of our favorite brands into a one-week online shop with a significant discounts for [...]

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Rawr Denim Scout Stores: Find Raw Denim Stores All Over the World

Over the past three years, we’ve been proud to serve as one of the web’s leading resources for all things raw and dry denim. As we’ve grown, one of the most common questions we receive is, “I’m in [insert city], [...]

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Rawr Denim Scout

Meet the Scout 2.0

You may remember our raw denim search tool, the Scout, from when it debuted early last month. We received a lot of feedback on our new way for denimheads to find their ideal pair of jeans, and we’re happy [...]

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Rawr Denim Scout

Introducing the Rawr Denim Scout – Making Your Raw Denim Hunt Easier

Some of the most common questions we get here at Rawr Denim are from people looking for advice on what pair to buy next:  Where can I find something Japanese and tapered for under 150 bucks? What jeans are made with Nihon [...]

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Self Edge x Imperial SEXI14 (15 Months, 8 Soaks, 3 Washes)

Giveaway – 10 x $100 Rawr Denim x Self Edge Gift Cards

  Since our launch back in March 2011, we’ve been fortunate to see enjoy some nice wins in numerous facets of the site. We continue to gain more visitors and fans every month, consistently bring on talented and passionate writers [...]

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Official Announcement – Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013-2015

Megatron1505 and Beatle – the organizing team behind the Heavyweight Denim Championship 2 Months after first announcing that the Heavyweight Championships would indeed have a Round 2, here is the official overview. Since then, however, developments have moved pretty fast and [...]

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“Warp And Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary” – Now Complete

Warp And Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary – Now Complete Note: This is a guest post from Devin Leisher, one of the producers of the documentary, Warp & Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary. After successfully raising their funds from their

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3sixteen Denim Giveaway #6

Denim Giveaway #6 – 3sixteen SL-100x, ST-100x, or CS-100x

Update: Our Denim Giveaway #6 came to a close on December 17th when we randomly selected Michael John Liu as our winner. Congratulations, Michael, and thank you everyone for participating. Keep a watch out for our next Giveaway! Though it’s been far [...]

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The Basics Modelled

Legacy of Cool – Denim Line And Documentary Kickstarter Project

As it soon enters the final week of backing, Legacy of Cool – a limited edition denim line and documentary film project launched on Kickstarter –  is working its way towards the backing required to achieve their mission statement. Legacy of [...]

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Heavyweight Denim Championship Round 2 (HWDC2)

Heavyweight Denim Championship 2 This is a guest post by our forum user, Megatron1505, who is the co-organizer of the denim competition, Heavyweight Denim Championship 2 (HWDC2). At the beginning of January 2011 we began the first Heavyweight Denim Championship (HWDC), a [...]

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