Naked & Famous Elephant 4 – Just Released

Though we’re still technically in summer, fall and winter are just around the corner. To prepare for the dropping temperatures, Canadian company Naked & Famous have just released their latest collection including several jeans designed in true Naked & Famous style.

They’ve got denim dyed in real pomegranate tannins as well as jeans with a self-described ‘candy weft’, but if you’re looking for something that’ll get you through this coming winter (and likely 10 winters thereafter), check out the fourth generation of their popular Elephant denim.

This year’s model uses a fabric that weighs in at a beefy 22 oz., 3oz. more than the Elephant 1 and the Elephant 3. Aside from just being twice as heavy as other jeans (literally), the fabric is a little more unique in that it is woven with a super deep indigo warp and a black weft. Down the road the fades should produce shades of a very vibrant blue.

The leather patch is just as thick as previous generations, though this time in a more glossy black finish with matte black fly buttons and rivets to match. It’s a hefty pair of jeans for sure, but at that price, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything with a dark weft in the same weight class.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Elephant 4
  • Fabric: Sanforized 100% cotton selvedge denim, deep indigo warp, black weft
  • Weight: 22 oz.
  • Fit: Skinny
  • Other Details:
    • Black leather patch
    • Coin pocket selvedge detail
  • Available for $195

NF Elephant 4 5

NF Elephant 4 4

NF Elephant 4 3

NF Elephant 4 2

NF Elephant 4 1

All images courtesy Blue Owl Workshop

Gerald Ortiz

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  • Hyvemind

    The elephant series is great but I don’t know if I’ll cop these anytime soon just cuz wearing in the elephant 3’s is enough of a challenge when you can only rock them comfortably for about 2 seasons a year. Very interested to see how the fades turn out one these tho… Will have to leave it to ppl out on the east coast to find out

  • Eric

    I thought these were supposed to have contrast stitching. Pretty disappointing IMO

  • GreenEggsnHAMiAM

    do these come in weird guy. i cant fit skinny

    • Shalim

      I usually buy weird guy too. I just sized up and they feel nice.

  • Jim

    I know this is gonna offend some people here but i honestly think Naked and Famous needs to put more effort into designing the their jeans. I understand they focus on fabrication but the style and cutting of pants are just not right. I own skinny guy, weird guy, and slim guy, and I rarely wear them because the legs just look terrible and I found they are poorly designed in terms of cutting. When shopping jeans, I guess some people care more about the fit and proportion than fabric. Not saying fabric isn’t important but how the jeans fit and look is an important part of a great pair of denim. Just my opinion….