Fade Friday – Railcar Fine Goods RDCX013 (1 year, 1 soak, 0 washes)

The Railcar Fine Goods 2013 year-round contest recently came to an end and has resulted in some remarkable fades from its contestants. A limited run of 26 pairs of RDCx013‘s were released solely for the contest and this week’s Fade Friday entry comes from one of the contestants, Andrew Roy.

Andrew’s jeans show great dynamic range since he’s gone a whole year with nothing more than a single soak. The darkest areas still maintain a redcast while the lightest areas reveal near white fabric. The wide variation in textures and tones reflects the range of activities that Andrew has performed whilst in his Railcars including dirt bike riding, snow-shoveling, office work, and attending Miss America pageants.

Keeping his ceremonial wedding ring in the coin pocket reinforces the dedication that went into these jeans and it’s details like that that make Andrew’s pair characteristically his.


    • Name: Railcar Fine Goods RDCX013
    • Fabric: 100% cotton Red line Japanese selvedge denim
    • Weight: 14 oz.
    • Fit: Spikes
    • Other details:
      • Triple stitched seat seams
      • Hidden rear pocket rivets
      • Lined coin pocket and rear pockets
    • MSRP:  No longer available



Image courtesy Railcar forum user KCRunner


Fade Friday RDCX013 front back in article


Fade Friday RDCX013 Top Block Front

Fade Friday RDCX013 Ring 2

Fade Friday RDCX013 Pen

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Gerald Ortiz

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  • http://mattyclifford.tumblr.com/ Matty C

    Attending Miss America pageants and keeps his wedding ring in the coin pocket? Nice fades.

    • Lobsterbert Lobsterington

      This guy is mad sketchy.

    • simonking

      or perhaps an unlucky year with his rubber never leaving the pocket……

    • mattdgold


  • Enigmatic Psychotic

    I like these. They look really good.

  • richie morrow

    @disqus_Vj1JdFn54r:disqus my thoughts precisely !! Andrew the PLAYA !!!
    great fades as well :)

  • Hyvemind

    Id be amazed if these weren’t at least runner up. The knees and top block fades are remarkable for 14oz and just one year

  • swissjeansfreak

    Congrats to this strong raw denim love given to them.

  • http://blowme.com Journalism 101

    Dude is married to his jeans.