The Complete Arcuate Collection

Arcuates–sometimes shortened to arcs–are the decorative stitching found on jeans’ back pockets. The classic Levi’s arcs have spawned countless brands creating their own pocket modification to make their brand stand apart.

Problem is, there are so many arcs now it’s hard to tell them from each other. We’ve laid out some of the biggest brands in raw denim along with their arcuates as a reference below. We hope it’s exhaustive, but if it’s not, please let us know anything we missed in the comments below!

The Arcuates

Ande Whall


Big John




Edwin Denim

Back Pocket Arctuates


Back Pocket Arctuates

The Flat Head


Fullcount & Co.

Back Pocket Arctuates



 Imperial Denim


Iron Heart



Back Pocket Arctuates


Back Pocket Arctuates

Livid Jeans


Mister Freedom



Battle Stripes/Back Pocket Arctuates

Nudie Jeans

Back Pocket Arctuates

Oni Denim

Back Pocket Arctuates

Real Japan Blues


Rogue Territory


Samurai Denim Co.

Back Pocket Arctuates

The Strike Gold


The Stronghold


Studio D’Artisan

Back Pocket Arctuates



Warehouse Denim

Back Pocket Arctuates

 WH Ranch Dungarees




Gunnar Saxon

Gunnar resides in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania where he works in the boning room of a slaughterhouse. He loves all things fashion, most notably raw denim and the body modification industry. In his spare time, he works with his girlfriend on an upcoming brand of their own.

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  • Matt

    Iron Heart?
    Oh and Ande Whall has changed the arcs since those.

    • Altoclefchris

      Oni has multiple styles of arcs as well

      • Roberto Balzani

        Sugarcane also use a number of different arcs across their range

        • Altoclefchris

          Oh yeah, I hadn’t even thought about Sugar Cane

        • Nachos

          As does Samurai

          • Roberto Balzani

            I dont care mate

    • andewhall

      Yeah I think that design was 6-7 years ago, and was very short lived.

      • Matt

        Ordered my first Whall’s last week. 21oz cobras. Looking forward to getting them on my legs.

  • Chief

    Perfect. Now Levi and VF have a fresh list of people to try and frivolously sue.

    • Brian

      I’m sure Levi’s needed this list to identify who to sue….

      • Chief

        You’re right of course. They have clearly spent more time in court and updating this list than making their product better

        • watchmaker

          Levis 501 STF are damn good jeans for the price. Especially the street price. You actually get more than you pay for. Some of their cheap, thin, made in Jordan fashion styles, etc. do make them an easy target.

    • Altoclefchris

      A lot of these aren’t really available in the US, which as I understand it is the only place that Levi’s can really make them stop.

  • mister56

    Twisty and curling arcs are to feminine for my taste. I if had had my own denim company I would design a square Arc. A sloppy square would be cool to me.

    • Altoclefchris

      Well, arc does imply a curve of some kind. That said, there is way too much similarity between arcs, they all seem to follow the same formula

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    Great article pic. The list will not be complete, however, without IH and TW.

  • Conehead

    Nice (and smart) edit on the WH dungarees. Wrangler’s toes must hurt from being stepped on.

  • Adam

    Big fan of Gustin’s and Stronghold’s minimalist lines, but Momo’s battle stripes > all.

  • Eric Munson

    always hated nudies arcs

  • Anon

    How about Pure Blue! You can’t get any manlier than having a feather embroidered on your ass.

    • yada

      It’s a leaf…

  • vacations_on

    Love Rogue Territory and PBJ

  • doyougetpayedforsuchcrap

    Sugar cane (both the star and the broken arc)? atelier la durance X? Indigo skin paisley? studio d’artisan has at least another shape more reconizable than that. The flathead also has at least two more shapes, Indogofera also missing (though it’s is like big John), ironheart has a left-half arcuate…

    • the same guy

      and RRL also missing!!!!!!

  • swissjeansfreak

    Great post about the arcs. Hope to see more updates on other raw denim brands as well

  • hiro

    I thought you miss Yoshiyuki Hayashi creation…but rawr always great article!

  • showbe

    How is G-star not in this and dior is?

    • John King

      Neither Dior or G-Star should be in here IMO.

      Dior too feminine and G-Star to runway, fashion trendy.

  • John King

    My favs: Fullcount, Mister Freedom, Momotaro, Samurai, Studio D’Artisan & Warehouse!