Fade Friday – Railcar Fine Goods Viper X001 (2 years, 0 soaks, 0 washes)

Raw denim is sadly often limited to a boys club. Despite a few manufacturers making some great women’s options; knee bags, break-in pains, and a limited variety of cuts often make raws a hard sell for the ladies. But as evidenced by our fade today, there are a few gals out there wearing raw and wearing them damn well.

This pair of Railcar Fine Goods Vipers come to us from straight out of their Arcadia workshop. They were broken in by the company’s stockist manager who wore the jeans tirelessly, five days a week, as she readied more Railcars to ship out the door. This entailed moving lots of boxes, hence the crazy level of knee combs.

And these Vipers mean business, they’re made of the same 100% cotton non-stretch denim that goes on Railcar’s Spike X001 men’s jean and they’ve never touched water, which has led to the amazing brown-grey patina that often develops on unwashed but heavily worn sanforized fabric. Have a look below!


  • Name: Railcar Fine Goods Viper X001
  • Fabric: Cone Mills 100% cotton non-stretch selvedge denim
  • Weight: 13.5oz
  • Fit: Slim/Skinny
  • Other Details
    • YKK zip fly
    • Double layered two-piece waistband
    • Hand hammered rivets
    • All produced in-house in Railcar’s Arcadia, CA workshop
  • Available at Railcar Fine Goods for $198







David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Alex

    Doesn’t it smell?

    • DDavil

      Not everyones jeans smell. It all depends on the individual and their lifestyle. I rarely wash my jeans. Some I only soak, and some have never seen water. None of them smell. This is why they invented underwear…

    • Mikey mike

      You mean the jeans?

  • Vinyl Scratch

    What a fantastic pair. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: women’s raws produce some truly beautiful fades (and these are probably some of the best).

    • bryan solid

      What, pray tell, makes women’s raws any different than men’s? I’ve seen just as many fade pics of guys with an equally snug fit.

      I mean, it sounds like you’re complimenting this person on being a woman.

      • really?

        what a jerk-off you are

        • bryan solid

          Please then, illuminate me: what is it about women’s raws that “produce some truly beautiful fades”?

          That’s an honest question, because it sounds like Vinyl Scratch is saying that the fades are beautiful because they are made by a woman, in woman’s jeans. Which is blatantly ridiculous. It’s like saying “women’s leather boots age beautifully”.

          The only thing different in women’s raws is the cut. The fabric is the same, and the biological differences of the person wearing them are, at best, negligible to the fades.

          It’s a moronic comment.

          • fuzzy

            I bet you get invited to a lot of parties.

          • fok u brian

            Jeans fit differently on women than they do on men, you dingus.

          • really?

            What in my statement do you need me to illuminate for you?

          • Vinyl Scratch

            Rather than saying the comment was “moronic,” could you admit the possibility that you simply misunderstood my intent?

          • bryan solid

            Yes. Mostly I was responding to the others who immediately took up your cause with insults, even though I was not insulting. Rude perhaps.

            Anyway, I has to wonder from you initial comment if you were one of those fedora wearing brony nice guys walking around saying “m’lady”, championing women because they are special and delicate, while wondering why you never get a date.

            Your comment in a vacuum seemed weird to me, is all.

          • Vinyl Scratch

            Stereotyping from an avatar could surely be considered a near-sighted fallacy, no?

            I despise fedoras, have had a committed relationship for almost 2 years now, and certainly don’t “champion” women. I treat them as equals, because that’s the way they want to be treated. I’ve had no trouble acquiring dates prior to my current relationship, although surely you could use a much more valid baseline for determining someone’s sense of character? I’m a very sociable guy; I’ve had several jobs that have required it. I would think that’s the part that matters.

            You can choose to believe whatever you’d like. After all, it’s the Internet and no one seems to be who they say they are. But I’ve been around on this site longer than most and just come to read about and casually discuss fine denim. I would like to think who I am besides that shouldn’t matter much.

            If you misunderstood my initial comment, that’s fine. It happens. People bring their own views and experience to the table when it comes to interpreting things they consider ambiguous.

      • solidiot

        brian…. you are a solid idiot

        • bryan solid

          This from a guy that can’t spell or punctuate correctly.

        • Raymond Johnson


      • Vinyl Scratch

        Oh dear. Looks like this thread has been having some fun without me. Well, it seems Bryan wants a proper answer, so I’ll do my best to give him one.

        I’m not saying they’re better just because they’re women’s jeans. I said that women’s raws produce some beautiful fades. There’s several reasons for that, but the biggest one is consistency. The men’s raw denim market is saturated with hundreds of fits and fabrics that produce tons of great fades for sure. But the thing is, this yields lots of fade results that, while certainly unique, may or may not be to everyone’s liking. Personally, the aspects I appreciate about a well-faded pair just so happen to be typical of women’s raw denim, e.g., tight fits, a low rise, well-defined/parallel honeycombs, narrow whiskers, an evenly-faded seat (no wallet fades), and most of all, vintage-style fading (as opposed to high-contrast). Of course these qualities can be found on plenty of men’s pairs and likewise aren’t found on every faded pair of women’s denim, but the fact is the women’s raw denim market is far more consistent in its product and, therefore, has a higher likelihood of producing an end result that suits my personal preferences.

        Now does this make a women’s pair inherently better than a men’s pair in my eyes? Of course not. As you said, there’s plenty of comparable products between genders. But I dare say that there’s a stronger chance of a women’s pair impressing me.

        • bryan solid

          Thanks for the comment. I understand what you mean and I suppose your reasoning is sound.

          It does seem that your preference is based on the women’s market being tiny in comparison to the men’s. Do you think that if women’s rats become more diversified your perspective will change?

          • Vinyl Scratch

            I assume you meant “raws.” 😉

            And yes, if that were the case it would most certainly change. While some aspects would likely remain the same (such as tighter fits), a diversification of fabrics and other aspects might produce results that then wouldn’t always suit my preferences.

            Don’t get me wrong, I it’s not like I only appreciate jeans that follow a specific formula, it’s just that those that do tend to be my favorite.

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            you just got owned son. what makes it so funny is that, on top of VS schooling the shit out of your ass, you made a typo and you’re the internet-comments-board-grammar-douche who said this three days ago:

            bryan solid solidiot • 3 days ago
            This from a guy that can’t spell or punctuate correctly.


          • bryan solid

            Hey, someone get this guy a trophy! He just won the internets!

          • BillygoatsGruff312

            that victory goes to scratch. I just called the score. 😉

        • Grandier

          VS is officially my favourite rawrdenim commenter.

  • Grandier

    that’s one amazing comb.

  • Enigmatic Psychotic

    The fit seems a bit weird.

    • boogie with stu

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with the fit. She just has a bigger bum and very thin legs. You know….cause she is a woman. You ever meet one of those?

      • Model Citizen

        Haha, yeah the fit is perfect for her. I don’t want to sound thirsty the second a woman end up featured on FF, but it’s very rare to see a woman with a nice figure and fades this sick, she wears them well, I’ll just leave it at that. Railcar actually seems to be more of a woman’s brand than a men’s brand at this point, they offer a lot of different fits for the ladies, but still only one men’s cut. Not saying that’s a bad thing, luckily the Spikes fit me great and I’ve been pretty happy with my X009’s thus far. I wonder what percentage of their sales come from their women’s jeans, I bet it’s still a lot less then the Spikes.

        • The shibbie’s edge.

          They have more than one fit for men. You have to special order them. The standard is spike yet there is also a James fit which is slightly more standard straight and looser. I might be wrong on the name but they do offer multiple men’s fits.

          • Model Citizen

            Just checked their website, you’re right, they do offer a looser cut now and it is called the “James” fit. I’m not sure how long ago they introduced it but I know that it must’ve been in the last six months because when I got my Spikes that was the only mens fit on their website. I’m surprised they haven’t done a slim tapered fit yet, but it’s nice to that they’re expanding their repertoire of mens denim. I’ve had the chance to check out most of the major American denim brands in person (between the few shops here in the Twin Cities that carry raw denim, Tellason, Raleigh, Baldwin, Imogene+Willie, LVC, Left Field, 3Sixteen, Rogue Territory, and Railcar are all options) and Railcar, Left Field, and Rogue Territory seem to stand out more than most.

      • Enigmatic Psychotic

        Harfuckinghar. I’m not complaining about her shape or besmirching her in any way,I’m simply saying the fit seems odd.

        • Jennifer

          I’m a female who loves raw denim. Planning on submitting my jeans (Sling & Stones Delilah) after I give them the virgin wash sometime in August (going on 16 months atm). Cold water, delicate cycle, front loading machine. Stay tuned! :)

  • Richalicious

    great to see womens FF :) up there with some of the mens, if not better !

    …… nice bum too 😉

    • bryan solid

      What, pray tell, makes women’s raws any different than men’s? I’ve seen just as many fade pics of guys with an equally snug fit.

      I mean, it sounds like you’re complimenting this person on being a woman.

      And I’m a jerk-off.

      • bryan solid

        Nice try. It’s one thing to say that it’s great to see women participating more in the denim culture and another to state that women’s fades are somehow intrinsically beautiful.

    • mattdgold

      People like you are responsible for the lack of women doing FF…no one wants a backhanded compliment on their ass for a jeans fade post.

      • captn everybody play safe now

        yoooo, white knight in the house whatsup? people can take their jeans off for FF pics if they don’t want any ass comments. you must be new, because devan and co. were going on for a good year almost on here about “mens butt fit” in FF’s.

        • captn play safe everyone plz

          and, yeah, youre right, because women hate to show off and be complemented on their figures. if you didn’t know what raw denim was these would be just straight up BUTT PICS.

  • Jean sniffer

    Really loving that crotch!

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      ill bet you are

    • AshyLarry

      2 years no wash n rinse..that crotch is holding some stank cuh

      • http://www.ryeandrivet.com emilybihl


  • P

    Why do the jeans look slimmer on the broken-in pictures compared to the raw pictures?

    • bryan solid

      Likely because new denim is generally stiff and may stick out at odd angles when first worn. After two years of conforming to her body, they’ve smooth out and taken on a more streamlined shape.

    • The shibbie’s edge

      It also could be the cuffing on the broken in shots versus the raw shots.

  • goldushapple

    Dear Lord wash ’em now, at least … 2 years.

    • City Breakdancer Man

      She probably a vegan too

      • goldushapple


      • FragrantVegan

        Vegan jeans smell very nice. Ask my GF.

  • http://www.ryeandrivet.com emilybihl

    These look great! Mine (same fit, different denim) are pretty close time-wise but can’t hold a candle to those combs. Cheers!

  • Kozic

    I might fall in love with a girl who wears raws and Red Wings haha.

  • mikeylab

    these are on display at industrie denim in San Francisco, if anyone want to see(or smell) them in person.

  • lifesapicnic

    Exemplary fading, congrats!