Fade Friday – Dior Homme 19cm (4 years, 10-12 washes)

Dior might not be the first name that springs to mind when discussing raw denim and workwear but the French high-fashion house has been producing exceptional, made in Japan, raw jeans since long before selvedge’s recent spike in popularity.

Today’s Fade Friday features a pair in Dior Homme’s classic 19cm cut, worn hard for four years by Reddit r/rawdenim user, ankarkran. He hasn’t done anything too crazy in these jeans and he’s not afraid of washing them either, opting for a cleaning every 3-4 months of wear. These methods have given the jeans a long life and some amazing vintage-cast fades with lots of vertical falling.

No crotch breaches thus far, but ankarkran’s has had issues with keeping the top clasp in place (a fastener typically found on dress pants that Dior uses in lieu of a top button), which has busted off three times, and the pocket bags are pretty much shredded. Have a look at the evolution below!


  • Name: Dior Homme 19cm
  • Fabric: Japanese 100% cotton sanforized indigo selvedge denim
  • Weight: 13oz.
  • Fit: Slim straight





dior 19cm ff - 08



dior 19cm ff - 12

ankarkran reached out directly about featuring his jeans. Think your fades are worthy of Fade Friday fame? Send us your pics at fades@rawrdenim.com.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • mattdgold

    I’ve been waffling on buying a pair of 19cms. The fit is unparalleled, but the denim is nothing to write home about and the $540 price is mind-boggling for someone who doesn’t normally buy haute-couture brands…

    • trehsu

      I ashes. I was looking at a pair of these on eBay yesterday but I’m hesitant

  • Hyvemind

    While I can definitely appreciate the fit and great fades, I personally don’t feel this brand really can be justified at the 550-700$ price tags that come with it. The fabric is not actually all that special and not even selvage. These sell for the fit and the name brand. And while yes the fit is great I have found that I am more than happy with the fit of my Matias SOL which has more unique details

  • Cruel_Angel

    Prices for these have varied over the years. I own quite a few pairs of Dior jeans, both washed and raw. Selvedge and Non Selvedge. I’ve purchased raws some as low as $250 CDN (maybe 5-7 years ago) new in the store, to some selvedge ones for I believe $375 (again 5-7 years ago). I haven’t followed Dior raws for a long time now, but it’s hard to justify these prices when so many raw denim brands have perfected the skinny fit, with better fabrics at better prices. I couldn’t recommend Dior denim to anybody. You’d wear it only because you want the Dior name.

  • Alex

    Just to clarify, there is shitty selvage denim out there (Gap, J.Crew), just as there is high quality non-selvage denim out there. Selvage denim is now being mass produced due to demand so the selvage ID tag means nothing unless you’re aware of the brand and its dedication to quality. Just because it isn’t selvage doesn’t mean its of poor quality. The denim manufactured for the Dior MIJ’s are just as high quality of most midrange selvage jeans out there, then you take into consideration the brand, the famous fit, and then you get the price. Not saying the price is justified, but I’ve owned 2 pairs of Dior Homme MIJ Raws and they have never given out on me in years of wear and they have evolved beautifully, with amazing vertical fading as well as the normal areas of wear. Unlike previous users, I would highly recommend Dior denim to anyone with the money to pay for them. They fit amazingly well, work for many body types, and are just beautiful hand made jeans. And this is coming from someone who owns 3 pairs of Iron Hearts and a pair of Flat Heads, so I am not biased to high fashion.

  • ron

    Great jeans with incredible fit but not for everyone. You need to be the skinny model type and you dont need to have problems money wise but what can you expect from Dior plus a “Made in Japan” tag?