Fade Friday – Naked & Famous Rainbow Core (15 months, 1 soak)

Without question, Naked & Famous is the Willy Wonka of the denim world. Beyond their affordable selvedge standards, the company has experimented with a whole manner of different ideas, be it their Red Core denim, cashmere denim, mixed twill, snowpants or the 32 Oz. behemoths. Keeping in line with the concept behind red cores, Naked & Famous released, for their Spring/Summer 2013 line, the Rainbow Core denim. Rather than have the core of the denim be monochromatic, this one sports a color spectrum as dynamic as possible.

But who would have the cajones to wear such an outlandish garment and see it through a proper evolution? Cue reddit user Vertizaq. After 15 months of wear, his jeans have only seen one soak, and that was due to a, “mayonnaise mishap.” The results, love them or hate them, are undeniably stunning.


  • Name: Naked & Famous Rainbow Core
  • Weight: 14 Oz.
  • Fit: WeirdGuy (Low rise, Tapered leg)
  • Denim: Sanforized, 100% Cotton Selvedge
  • Other Details:
    • Yarn is vat-dyed in the colors of the rainbow then rope dyed indigo (thus indigo denim fades to rainbow)




Rainbow After 1


Rainbow After 2



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  • Josh Diehm

    These would look better of they were a fraction less worn in my opinion. Very cool denim regardless though

  • TheTom

    Wow, so cool.

  • tristan

    I wonder what those rainbow honeycombs might look like!

    • tristan

      oh, i didn’t notice, the honeycombs are on the third picture. Quite disappointing, not as impressive as i thought.

  • Lobsterbert Lobsterington

    I’d buy these, but I don’t want to get rainbow on everything I sit on.

    • Altoclefchris

      I don’t think that’s quite how it works haha

  • Altoclefchris

    I don’t know about those cuffs, but this is some cool fabric regardless.

  • you pick a a name

    Gayest jeans, ever

    • LBJoe

      Just in time for Pride!

  • Grandier

    it kinda looks like a unicorn just pissed on this….

    but it’s awesome that there are someone who’s doing this, it’s totally out of the mainstream and take a considerable amount of balls to wear them to get the fade.

    • simonking

      Unicorn piss… funny..

  • Felix

    Absolute Eyesore
    and in my opinion a very bad take on SugarCane’s Rainbow Okinawa fabric.

  • BillygoatsGruff312

    I’ve been waiting to see what these look like faded. Now I know. Thanks Rawr.

  • Boung

    I think N&F unfairly claimed credit for this ‘innovation’. As some has already stated, Sugar Cane was the first to my knowledge to have come up with this concept. IMHO on the SC Rainbow the rainbow effect is a lot more subtle and nicer than these over the top, somewhat gimmicky rainbow fades. However, NF ain’t the worse though, some company (betabrand) knock this concept off wholly, calling their jeans ‘Gay Jeans’ and I shite you not.
    so what i’m saying is, for NF detractors, you are right this is gimmicky, but also for NF fans; you are also right this ain’t the worse.

    • Grandier

      do you have any image of the sugar cane rainbow fade? i’ve been looking around the net but i only find the image of it being raw (not faded) and only notice the green pocket stitch and the felled inseam, so not exactly sure why they call it rainbow…

      speaking of another N&F gimmick denim, there’s also another pair i saw on blueowl with blue-green core denim fabric. not sure what they’re called though

      • Grandier

        wow, suddenly i love SC’s rainbow a lot more than N&F’s lol. subtle but beautiful. thanks Cruel_Angel for finding the link =p

    • Grandier

      wow, suddenly i love SC’s rainbow a lot more than N&F’s lol. subtle but beautiful. thanks for finding the link =p

  • Brown, Deim @ Boston

    N/F via Brandon knows denimes & the know how to keep it fresh. Posers and millionaires are the only ones that can afford plain vanilla…………………

  • Evil_OOb

    Not my cup of tea but quite funny

  • risandi pradipto

    at first attempt I thought my screen went wrong. nice idea though.

  • goldushapple

    That hurt my eyes.

  • Nas

    The fabric looks trippy. Very unique *thumbs up*

  • reds

    Those look like clown pants dyed blue..

  • lksdajf

    Man, N&F moves further past self-parody every day