Rivet & Hide Launches London Storefront

Until earlier this week, customers of UK denim mecca Rivet & Hide were limited to online shopping or appointment only visits. Well after two years and a lot of hard work, Danny Hodgson and his team were proud to open their permanent retail location on this past Thursday, April 17th in the Fitzrovia neighborhood of Central London.

Danny says it’s been a long time coming, “It was always the plan to get to this stage. We wanted to create a space that our customers would want to visit, see the great brands in person, hang out and chat denim.”

rivet and hide repair station

They’ve strived to make a space with as much character and history as the denim they sell. The flooring, shelves, fitting rooms, and storage units are all made out of reclaimed timber and beach Groyne wood from century old buildings in Southeast England. No two boards are the same, which meant every piece had to be specifically fitted.

rivet and hide store interior

Rivet and hide steel feather jeans

The famous pair of faded Steel Feathers.

rivet and hide clothing rack

rivet and hide iron heart back patch

rivet and hide union special chain stitch

rivet and hide interior


Head on down to Rivet & Hide for the UK’s best selection of brands like Iron Heart, Flat Head, Pure Blue Japan, and 3sixteen as well as chain stitch hemming. Location is 5 Windmill Street, London W1. Photos courtesy Horst Friedrichs.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Unnmd

    Looks almost identical to the Self Edge in NYC haha.

  • Darryld1 .

    really good to see this! they have my full support and blessing. England needs more of this.

  • vegasguyinlalaland

    I bought a pair of 3sixteen jeans off Danny in his studio while on a work trip in London. As great as the jeans are, the buying experience was world class, and I’ve been to the best denim shops in LA and Berlin. I had a great time, the guy knows his denim and is as welcoming as a guy can be. I highly recommend a stop-in the next time you find yourself in central London, I know I will.

    • chunk_head

      agreed, bought some denim from Danny and it was super cool experience. really friendly, relaxed, accommodating & no pressure. I’m looking forward to visiting the store, kinda liked those by appointment visits though

  • http://www.promotestatus.com Chris wcrd

    Can’t wait to visit :)

  • xkaliba

    “UK’s best selection of brands”… google Son of A Stag before making such claims. That being said I’m looking forward to visiting Rivet & Hide

    • Pimmel

      SOA is a shitty incredibly expensive shop!
      I can’t believe there are fashion victims buying there…

    • chunk_head

      I sympathize, Son of a Stag are in an expensive area of an expensive city and have large premises and a lot of stock. That said, their prices are pretty heavy, you’re looking at $535 for a standard pair of samurai 710

    • Darryld1 .

      Son of a Stag is also an excellent denim etc shop. Huge stock of clothing and denim. Up there with the best. Of course, if you are a shop owner with such a massive amount of stock on your shelves, you need to make the money to keep the vast stock levels going. Having said that, for what it is (a pair of trousers made from denim), we’re all victim to the fashion tax.

  • unfair

    wth why are those jeans brought in by Rivet and Hide have a much higher price tag compared to the retailed price in USA?

    • Danny Hodgson

      There are a few reasons for this. Shipping and Import duties into the UK are relatively high. At the moment the pound is quite strong which helps me keep the prices as fair as possible in sterling but adds to the dollar value. Those that deal in currencies are the main beneficiaries here rather than you or me.

      • Darryld1 .

        While recognising the truth in what you say Danny and i’m one of those who fully support you in what you do but there is also a huge amount of profit in what is essentially a pair of jeans. I’m not pointing any fingers at you personally, just also recognising the inherent trend tax, while pondering the differences between a pair of jeans which cost £50 and those which cost £200 to £300+ more. Rivets, Cotton thread, denim fabric and labour are generally all commonly priced, so is this about any more than a label? I’m sincerely open to learning more about this from you, if you would like to share it with me. No particular reason, just that I happen to like my denim.

        • Danny Hodgson

          Thanks for the support and please come down and see the store and we can discuss this at great length. Of course you can find a cheaper made jean of inferior quality in terms materials used and craftsmanship. Specialist denim stores like mine focus on small batch productions where we can trace every stitch back to the person who has sewn it whether in Japan, USA , or the Uk where labour costs are exponentially higher than countries such as Bangladesh or China. Cotton prices vary tremendously true depending on its quality profile. You can certainly buy a cheaper jean elsewhere but you’ll never find a better one.

          • Darryld1 .

            Thanks. I was just having this very conversation about small scale production vs saleability with friends who run the best men’s clothing shop in Brighton. It would be a pleasure to visit you and i’m planning a trip up to the big smoke sometime soon, so i’ll be sure to come and find you.