5 Raw Denim Options for Women

Even though Marilyn Monroe killed it in jeans in 1954’s River of No Return, it is no secret that the selvedge and raw denim scene has historically been a boy’s club. With that being said the fairer sex has been voicing themselves over their displeasure of the lack of raw and selvedge options for them on the market. THE BRANDS HAVE LISTENED! 

We have compiled a quick list of the best pairs of women’s raw denim offerings that are available right now. Ladies, this one is for you.

Railcar Fine Goods: Viper x008

RCFRONTBACKThe Viper x008 is Railcar’s newest women’s fit. The brand has been producing fits for women for some time now and currently offers seven fits of jeans for women in addition to its offering of denim shorts.


  • Fit: Slim/Skinny fit with low rise
  • Denim: 11 Oz. Cone Mills 100% cotton white line selvedge denim
  • Extras:
    • 6 Oz. Leather Back Patch
    • Zipper Fly
    • Branded Waist Button
    • Copper Washer Rivets
    • Chainstitched Hemming and Waistband
  • Available at: Railcar Fine Goods for $198

Baldwin Denim: The Ten

baldwin denim the ten women's fit

Baldwin Denim has been recognized time and time and time again as one of the strongest newcomers to the denim game. Their menswear line has been acclaimed for its striking execution and design. Don’t let yourself be fooled though, their women’s line is just as awesome! The Ten is an excellent jean with a bit of stretch incorporated for additional mobility. In addition to the fit featured here, Baldwin offers a wide variety of fits and washes in their women’s denim line.


  • Fit: Straight leg, medium rise
  • Denim: 10 Oz. Cone Mills White Oak White Line Stretch Selvedge
  • Extras:
    • Copper Buttons and Rivets
    • Selvedge Detail On Coin Pocket
    • Leather Back Patch
    • Silver Rivet On Back Right Pocket
  • Available at: Baldwin Denim for $220

Tellason: Bird

Tellason Bird denim Fit

Though the Bird is Tellason’s only women’s fit, we can clearly tell that this is the beginning of more good things to come from the brand as far as a women’s selection goes. It is cut with a nod towards retro stylings and as the name may imply, the bird is surely the word.


  • Fit: Straight Leg
  • Denim: 12.5 Oz Cone Mills White Oak Blue Line Selvedge
  • Extras:
    • Tanner Goods Leather Back Patch
    • Zipper Fly
    • Copper Rivets
  • Available at: Tellason for $220

Samurai Jeans: Geisha GA0510LXXII-15th

samurai geisha womens denim jeans

Known for their superior attention to detail and impeccable production, Samurai Jeans did not forget their female fans when producing their 15th anniversary jeans. Buyers will not be disappointed upon reviewing their purchase seeing as the jeans are decked out with an individually numbered waist patch, special pocket lining, and additional 15th anniversary accessories. While they aren’t raw (one wash), the jeans are still made of a high quality selvedge denim.


  • Fit: Slim Fit
  • Denim:16 Oz. Japanese Pink Line Selvedge
  • Extras:
    • Once washed
    • Sakura Flower Embossed Buttons
    • Red Plaid Pocketing
    • Comes with 15th Anniversary Coin Pouch and button
  • Available at: Blue In Green for $315

3Sixteen: 77BSP

3sixteen womens 77bsp

3Sixteen has chosen to expand into realms outside of their already well known men’s line. With this women’s fit, the brand paid extra attention to shape and fit retention with wear over time. The jeans incorporate a 4 way stretch into the denim so that the jeans remain form fitting and minimize knee bagging. Check them out!


  • Fit: Mid Rise Skinny
  • Denim: 14 Oz. Cone Mills White Line Selvedge Denim
  • Extras:
    • Zipper Fly
    • Tanner Goods Leather Back Patch
    • Gunmetal Rivets
  • Available at: Rivet and Hide for: $295
Dennis DePrimo

Dennis DePrimo

Dennis is a musician/producer, skateboarder and denim enthusiast. Follow him on instagram at: @dennistehmenace

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  • chief

    It’s the exception, not the rule when a woman will shell out the money for raw denim. I would love to know how many (few) units these companies actually move.

  • santos

    pbj, red cloud, studio d’artisan,resolute,nudie, we have a lot of options to choose. In terms of fitting, Red Cloud and Resolute are my favorite.

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Ah nice. Glad to see some other jeans featured beyond the obvious imogene + willie options.

  • Unnmd

    3×1 has the WM3 as well. 3 denim options off the rack, and can use the fit to do a custom with any of the other 300+ fabrics

  • Model Citizen

    I knew Railcar did women’s denim but I had no idea they offer seven different fits for the ladies. Seems strange considering they still only make one men’s fit. Anyway, I’ve been trying to convince my fiance to give raw denim a try, but she thinks it’s insane that I pay as much money as I do for a pair of jeans. Oh well.

    • Ryan_Alan

      My wife definitely thinks I’m a lunatic for spending so much on jeans, and the only ones I’ve bought since we’ve been married have been Gustin’s. She’d be mortified to know about the cost of some of my other pairs! That being said I’m about to place an order with railcar for her and gift them to her. Railcar seems to have been at it for awhile and really has it down. I’ve been impressed with the fit pics and break in pics I’ve seen around the webs. With that being said, the Tellason Birds look awful. Those just look like small men’s jeans.

      • Model Citizen

        I’ve thought about buying her a pair as a gift too, but we share a bank account and I know she would return them once she figured out how much I spent! I agree that Railcar has their shit down, I’m currently wearing their Spikes X009’s and I fucking love ’em.

      • DefeatedandGifted

        That’s funny, to me the Tellason Birds are the best looking jeans here!

  • Kathrine

    I am a woman. I’ve purchased several pairs of raw denim. Most of them don’t fit and they get returned. If companies could make raw denim for woman that were larger than a size 10, that would be great. Most don’t, which is really frustrating. So not only is it difficult to even find women’s denim, finding a pair that fits is even harder. The search continues.

    • santos

      suggest Red Cloud for you, two types of fittings designed for Asian women, not that kind of smaller men’s size. I bought both, they are really great. Nudie, too, many different fittings. Hope you can find the one for yourself.

      • Kathrine

        Thanks Santos. I will look into both brands.

  • Damian

    I bought my girlfriend a pair of Naked & Famous’s The Straight Stretch Selvedge jeans and she loves them. The only “issue” we have with the denim is that it doesn’t fade at all. Oh well. Before deciding on these, she tried on a number of jeans at Blue & Green, but they all looked ridiculous on her. She’s white, 5’5″ and in terrific shape. It seems that the cut on (most) women’s Japanese denim is made for super skinny, 5′ and under Japanese girls that are stylish enough to get away with that whole “I can throw multiple cuffs on my jeans, put on a CdG sweater and pair of size 5 dunks and still look cute” look. I don’t think most other women could pull off jeans with cuffs and/or excess fabric around the ankles without looking like a truck driver. Not that there’s anything wrong with truck drivers, just sayin’…

    • Taylor

      Nailed it.

  • Josh Diehm

    Thought Nudie jeans would make it onto this list

  • discuss

    Ann Shepard desserves a mention…. only girl-centric raw denim brand in the market (tho they are a Pike brothers spin-of)

  • mlight

    Any new brands doing raw denim jeans for women out there since this article was written? All these skinny jeans look the same and not interesting at all. Bird looks like a pair of real jeans.

    • SM_BSc

      Nudie have a lot of dry denims. I recently got the Skinny Lin in Dry Steel and love them. They won’t have the weight or fade of something heavier like A.P.C. and they have some stretch, but they fit great. I prefer them to my A.P.C.s