Video: Norman Porter Makes a Jean

Norman Porter Co. has been making jeans one pair at a time for over three years now. Dave Stampler runs the business end of the company while his brother Mike designs and crafts every single pair of jeans with his own hands.

Mike’s salvaged quite a collection of machines from Philadelphia’s old textile days:  a Reece buttonholer, a couple Singer bar-tackers, even a Union Special. It takes Mike about three hours to put one jean together from start to finish, which gave us an idea.

norman feat - 2

We wanted to show every single step in the production of raw denim pants but do so in a reasonable amount of time. So we followed Mike around for the crafting of one pair and shot a guerrilla-style time lapse with over 8,000 still photos. We then sped it up to condense the entire process into just four minutes. Have a look:

Song credit:  “Chuco Suaves” by Pachuco José y Los Diamantes, available on Wild Records. Check out Wild’s latest release from the Terrorsaurs.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • simonking

    Really fun video. JP over at the Selvage Yard wrote a really nice article about the Norman Porter brothers a couple of weeks ago. Great soundtrack choice and a fun way to show off an owner maker. Cool.


    awesome. think the next time somebody gets mad and starts yelling about how “theyre just a pair of jeans!”, an that no thought, craft, or consideration goes into them, they should watch this.

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  • Lisa

    That is the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time. A sexy man (who has saved old sewing machines!) sewing sexy jeans = a denim loving seamstress’ dream.