Iron Heart New Release: 817 Deep Indigo Engineer Jeans

Iron Heart is a denim brand that needs no introduction for denim heads worldwide. The motorcycle themed label has long sought to create garments that function at the highest possible level, and their recently released IH-817 from their Engineer denim line is no exception.

Like the previous Engineer incarnations, this pair features details that will shine on the job and extend its life. These include triple-needle felled seams, half-lined pockets, belt loops tucked into the waistband, plus some nifty extra pockets and tool loops for the people that’ll use these pants for their intended purpose. Fit-wise, they feature the same straight leg cut of previous Engineer brethren, the IH-808 and IH-809. The 817s don’t have the same weatherproof resin coating but according to Iron Heart UK’s Giles Padmore, the denim’s extremely tight weave should be wind resistant.

The biggest aesthetic difference in the IH-817’s orange-contrast stitching as opposed to the usual white, but Giles says it’ll tone down with wear. And unlike most of Iron Heart’s scale-tipping heavy denim, the Engineer line has weighs in at a modest 16oz. This fabric has often been used by parent company Triple Works and it’s known to be a quite stubborn fade, but those willing to wait will be rewarded with crazy high contrast results.

Act quick if you’re interested in picking up a pair–Iron Heart UK already has them on the Endangered list!


  • Name: Iron Heart 817 Deep Indigo Engineer’s Jean
  • Weight: 16 Oz.
  • Fabric:  100% cotton Sanforized dark indigo Japanese denim
  • Fit: Straight
  • Other details:
    • Triple needle stitch construction
    • Felled side seams
    • Non-selvedge finish
    • Belt Loops stitched into waist band
    • Half lined rear pockets
    • Talon zip fly
  • MSRP: $300 at Iron Heart UK


Iron Heart Engineer Jeans Felled Seam

Triple Stitched Felled Seams



Forrest Old

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  • Model Citizen

    Iron Heart’s or not, these conjure up painful memories of the Tommy Hillfiger carpenter jeans I wore my freshman year of high school. I’m sure the denim is nice, but I can think of a lot of jeans I’d rather spend $300 on before I would drop that kind of money on non selvedge carpenter jeans.


      was that ’96 son?

  • hyvemind

    Aesthetically terrible. I seriously question how many people working a job site are going to pay $300 for work pants. From what I understand work jeans are supposed to be less expensive so you don`t have to worry when they inevitably wear down or get ripped some how. Then again, sounds like someone is willing to buy these…

  • Majara

    Not the best looking jeans, but there are a lot worse our there!!

    • Model Citizen

      Yeah, but when you’re talking about one of the best denim brands in the world you should be able to say more than, “there are a lot worse out there.” That would be an acceptable consolation for a pair of Gap jeans, not a pair of $300 Iron Heart’s.

  • NonHyped

    This for that classic style though for anyone looking into that Americana look. No issues, looks nice though.

  • NMC

    Im sorry but what does wind-resistant denim mean exactly…?

  • Unnmd

    (Insert mouth farting noise)