Introducing Lotus Peak Denim: Japanese Influence in NYC

The folks behind Lotus Peak aren’t your typical Kickstarter brand. Founders Alex MourokhTim Chaliy, and Irene Dubin invested their own money in their first batch of jeans, which included a slim tapered fit in a heavy super high slub 18oz. Japanese denim and a mid-rise straight fit in 13.5oz. Now that the first run has largely been sold, the team is turning to Kickstarter to ensure their New York-based production continues.

Lotus Peak denim pocket bags

Lotus Peak sprung from Chaliy’s twin obsessions: Japan and raw denim. Chaliy, a brand management student at the Fashion Institute of Technology saw an opportunity to combine the two in a brand made in New York. He teamed up with Mourokh and Dubin and Lotus Peak was born. The trio is intent on keeping production in New York and have teamed up with Quick Fusing Inc. to sew the jeans on the island of Manhattan.

Lotus Peak Denim fit

The 18 Oz. slim taper is the flagship of the Lotus Peak line with good reason. The Kuroki Mills fabric is absolutely gorgeous. The big slub gives the denim an almost printed look, something like an indigo cheetah’s skin. The texture is ridged and varied with steppes and plateaus of weft yarns peeking through. It’s really good denim. The fabric alone should speak volumes to its inherent Japanese-ness, but the team at Lotus Peak decided to embellish the jeans with details to really hammer the point home.

Chaliy said the pocket stitching is meant to recall the silhouette of Mount Fuji. The right pocket bag is hand painted with a kanji and bamboo plant. The Japanese theme continues through the inseam which is sewn red in tribute to the rising sun.

Lotus peak denim back pocket

Granted, these details may be a little much for some; but Lotus Peak’s decision to go with denim filled with such character should work in their favor. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re offering this jean for $170.00 on their Kickstarter right now.

Greg Houser

Greg Houser

Greg Houser is a writer, teacher and grad student living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He posts pictures of clothing and denim on his Instagram @greghouser; though it's mostly pictures of his dog.

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  • Rocky

    “Fuji Mountain” is a steakhouse in Philly. I’m almost certain they’re not going for that silhouette. I hope, for their sake (considering their Japanese obsession), that they wrote “Mount Fuji” on their Kickstarter.

  • Grandier

    you don’t get to see a lot of denim with big slubs lately, and that simple pocket stitch looks quite nice. i’m liking it =p

  • Altoclefchris

    This is such a cool fabric. I’ve seen it used in other brand’s jeans, and it’s beautiful to handle and look at.

  • rattrap

    Some of these kickstarters look nice but they never size small enough. Fat privilege! But for serious, there’s a whole bunch of skinny buyers waiting for smaller sizes.

    • lotus peak

      that exactly what we have now: smaller size 30 and if you soak jeans in hot water it will shrink down to fit 29 for sure.
      lotus peak team

      • Alex

        Will we be able to get our size (32) even if more than two of the 8 people are that size? Thanks!

        • lotus peak

          we have only few pairs left for 32, but we will do production after campaign is over. All sizes will be produced. You can place your pledge now and have your jeans in few month for the wholesale price.

  • David B.

    These look good. I may well take the Kickstarter option for the ‘Gold Lotus’ jeans, but I will need more info on sizing first – amount of stretch in the waist; thigh width etc.



      • Bruno

        Any idea what the thigh measurement of the size 33 will be?

  • yada

    Kickstarter video with the usual “denim is your canvas”-bla bla, Jeans presentation like Samurai, tab at the coin pocket like Eternal and SDA and Fuji arcs like seen on Dry Bones and other…
    BUT I do like their hand painted pocket bags, that’s the only feature I give them credit to. Very good idea. That said, might pick up the tote bag as it also nice to look at

  • Mic Rich Grindlegionson

    Raw denim!!!!!!

  • Benito Carreon

    I like their attempt to be different and creative. Painted pocket bags are innovative. I think their use of Japanese selvedge denim overlooks their use of other details that are similar to other Japanese Jean brands mentioned. After all, the Japanese are using Americana details. I think it’s natural, not ironic, to see a reciprocal movement in USA-based jean companies.