Fade Friday – Unbranded Skinny 121 UB121 (1 year, 10+ washes)

One of the most popular gateway brands into the raw denim world is none other than Naked & Famous sister company Unbranded. Focusing on simplicity and denim quality rather than loud advertising and unnecessary bells and whistles, Unbranded has been able to produce consistently solid denim for an affordable price point.

For this week’s Fade Friday, we have a pair of the heavyweight UB121’s from reddit user _beacon that have clearly been worn quite enthusiastically – somehow he has been able to make 21 Oz. skinny jeans look relaxed and comfortable. Featuring an extensive set of tally marks on one of the pockets, impressive contrasting fades, an interesting owl-shaped stain, and a missing top button, _beacon’s jeans are truly one of a kind.


  • Name:  UB121
  • Weight:  21oz.
  • Fit: Skinny
  • Color:  Indigo
  • Denim:  Sanforized, 100% Cotton Japanese Raw Selvedge Denim
  • Length of Wear:  1 Year
  • Number of Washes:  Many washes (10+)
  • MSRP:  $110.00 USD



After Photos

Front of faded UB221

Full front of UB221

Collage of faded UB221 details

UB221 back pocket rip

UB221 faded Selvedge

UB221 faded honeycombs

UB221 faded back pocket

Albert Lee

Settled in the busy city of Boston, Massachusetts, Albert has a strong interest in material sciences. Whether he's experimenting with nano-particles or raw denim, he loves to share his wacky ideas with others.

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  • http://www.promotestatus.com Chris wcrd

    Stunning. Thanks for the share :)

  • alex

    what kind of pen did you use for the note? cool

    • http://www.promotestatus.com Chris wcrd


  • Hing

    how long did you wear them before the first wash?

    • _Beacon

      6 months.

  • Altoclefchris

    What’s going on at the hem? Are they just cut off and kept cuffed?

    • _Beacon

      Hey! So yeah i’m too cheap to visit/pay for a tailor to hem these heavyweights. I just cut and hemmed them myself.


        that’s pretty amazing, however you thought that one up. cuff them up, no one will ever know..

      • Altoclefchris

        Good stuff! I had a pair of Japan Blues from my friend that were like that. With such long inseams it can be hard to wear without a hem.

  • Riley

    blood stains or what

    • _Beacon

      Ink drops


    I like the picture of the writing on the outside of the pocket. somehow makes me think that the owner of the pair is equating his experience with having to wear unbranded to a jail sentence.

    • _Beacon

      haha i started doing that but i lost track of how many wears becasue sometimes i didn’t tally in the morning.

  • _Beacon

    Thanks for the feature guys!

    • El Fuego

      What size did you buy? and did they stretch after one year of wear?

  • Xavier Marchan

    Amazing. How often did you wash them after the first wash?

    • _Beacon

      whenever smelly or every month or so

  • lee

    at last somebody normal who washes his jeans when they need to be washed! and guess what? skinny jeans, one year of heavy wear but they were washed 10 times which means NO CROTCH BLOWOUT and great fades after all! i hope some people on this forum will get their senses back…Awesome pair Beacon!

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  • Doozy!

    Hey, did you wear these every day for the first six months?

    I’m wearing N&F Elephant 3’s and six months is coming around quickly, due to work I only really get to wear them at weekends. I’m pretty active when I wear them though..

    I’m wondering If I should wait until the 9 month/1 year mark to wash or not….