Fade Friday – Rogue Territory SK (2 years, 5 soaks, 1 ocean wash)

Rogue Territory, the one-man-denim-brand turned seasonal-menswear-collection-dropper, is a label that stylish gentlemen across the world seemingly can’t get enough of. The brand’s limited edition collaborations and long-awaited restocks of favorite styles have generated a buzz that’s regularly covered on pages from here to GQ.

This week’s Fade Friday showcases a well-lived in pair of two-year old SK jeans, the skinniest fit offered by the Los Angeles based producer. Taylor Sacco, a Vermont native, wore this fine pair of 15oz denim from Cone Mills for two years, during which he pre-soaked the jeans and then re-soaked a further four times as needed; “I only do so after particularly dirty adventures: hikes, feeding baby goats, my bachelor party, particularly debaucherous nights at bars, etc.”

The relatively consistent number of immersions, coupled with Sacco cheekily sneaking off to fit an ocean wash into his honeymoon, has resulted in a great overall fade, something not often seen amongst the multitude of tight, high contrast honeycombs and whiskers produced by skinny fit denim.


  • Name: Rogue Territory Cone Mills SK
  • Weight: 15oz
  • Fabric: Sanforized 100% cotton Cone Mills indigo selvedge denim
  • Fit: Slim tapered
  • Made in: USA
  • Unique Features
    • Pen pocket
    • Branded leather patch
    • Loop stitch on back pockets
  • MSRP:  $210.00


rgt sk before


Rogue Territory SK

Rogue Territory SK

rogue territory sk faded combs


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  • euclid

    Can’t rep rogue territory hard enough. Results speak for themselves. Also been to Karl and Leslie’s house/studio in atwater and they are super fuckin nice, let me try on so many dope pieces and purchase a few. I can tell they love and respect the denim they produce.

  • Kyle

    These look nicely faded, but they’re not photographed too well. Direct sunlight washes out contrast, jeans photograph much better in indirect light.

    • thebottomclef

      Gotta Agree, for a 2 year pair of denim they’re hard to tell in terms of amount of wear.

  • Bellicapelli

    The photos are partly to blame, but I find these results to be lackluster for a pair of jeans worn for so long with relatively infrequent soaking/washing. I guess I have a clear preference for high contrast fades.