Tender Co. 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse Denim

Tender Co. 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse Denim

British based Tender Co. focuses on creating artisanal clothing centered around the mantra “imperfection is perfection”. Only natural unfinished loomstate Japanese denim and England canvas, uncorrected 18 month bark-tanned leather, and raw cast brass and bronze is used for their clothing. For their latest release, Tender introduces us to the 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse Denim.

Tender Co. 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse Denim


The type 130 is clearly chock full of interesting avant-garde details. From the narrow selvedge cloth to the lowered V yoke to the extremely large back pockets, the 130 is not a conservative pair of denim. These are definitely on the more expensive side of the denim market, but it’s easy to see why from the unconventional creativity that’s imbued in these jeans.


  • Name: Tender Co. 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse Denim
  • Weight: 16 Oz. unsanforised Japanese denim
  • Fit: Tapered
  • Other details:
    • Hand made in Leicester
    • Solid cast brass removable button
    • Double folded hems
    • Single stitch ’66’ lined square hip pockets with hidden selvage pocket mouth reinforcement
    • Kick pressed copper dome rivets
    • Lowered V yoke for ergonomic fit
    • Reversed top stitch inseam for improved wear
    • Triple stitched seat seam for longer wear
    • Unique narrow blue line selvage cloth
  • Available at: Up There Store for £439

Tender Co. 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse Denim

Tender Co. 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse DenimTender Co. 130 Tapered Jeans Rinse Denim

Left: Dark indigo jeans; Right: light blue version, utilizing Indigo Woad Twill.

Left: Dark indigo jeans; Right: light blue version, utilizing Indigo Woad Twill.

Albert Lee

Settled in the busy city of Boston, Massachusetts, Albert has a strong interest in material sciences. Whether he's experimenting with nano-particles or raw denim, he loves to share his wacky ideas with others.

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  • DDavil

    Damn dude those cuffs look jacked up for a photo shoot. I guess imperfection is perfection. I wish there were more photos of the details. They are different, and done well.

  • whorebucks

    Those pockets. That fit. It’s like mom jeans and carpenter jeans had a baby.

  • Yannick

    I didn’t know big and baggy was coming back in style… I would never blow 439 pounds for a potato sack with two leg holes made entirely out of denim.

    • Grandier

      in their defense, big and baggy is more preferred in japan market than american market.

      then again, i’m pretty sure japanese market is not what these people had in mind when making the jeans…

  • mf051404

    I don’t know why I imagine Jack Black and John C Reilly as the ones in the photos

  • Francois

    In the UK : Less taxes + no more welfare state nor social security + skilled workforce + creative design = more expensive goods

  • Richalicious

    Good to see British manufacturing alive and kicking but 439 quid…… bit steep for me. I totally see what Francois is saying but just cos its made in the UK doesnt merit that sort of price :(

  • loky


  • Adam

    Up There is in Australia, it’s $439AUD, nowhere near as much as £439

  • Model Citizen

    I actually don’t mind the fit, it’s that tight/baggy combo with the roomier top block and tapered leg that a lot of menswear brands are fucking with lately. I wouldn’t personally go for that silhouette but I think it works for some people. If you look at the twill version the fit doesn’t look as exaggerated, which I assume would be the case with the denim version too, once they shrink after the initial soak and they start to break in. That being said, the back pockets look pretty bad. Even if I wanted to spend that kind of money on jeans with that fit, the back pockets would be a deal breaker.

    • BillygoatsGruff312

      They’re unsanforized, but pre-washed; there shouldn’t be much shrinkage.

  • Blue Nemo

    well, talking about an aesthetical philosophy based on imperfections and not showing any of the named imperfections is quiet a joke 😉

  • Niz

    I do not like the fit at all. Would not wear them even if I got them for free. Sorry.

  • Sally

    Idk i like the fit…. looks comfy …

  • Altoclefchris

    Man, why so much hate for tender?