Rising Sun & Co SS 14 Exclusive Lookbook Sneak Peek

Jeansmaker Mike Hodis and his team at Rising Sun & Co. have been pushing the envelope with historically inspired designs and innovative details for going on ten years now. For their Spring/Summer ’14 collection they’re proud to introduce a new raw denim fit, The Settler (above right), and a host of other garments evocative of the American 1930s and 40s. Check out some exclusive photos from their lookbook below.

Above you’ll see their Bronco Western Shirt in salt and pepper with mother of pearl diamond snaps and sawtooth pockets along with the backend of the Settler, their most elaborate buckleback to date.

Rising Sun Lookbook

Lookbook Lamp/Car

Rising Sun Lookbook 2014 Looks

They’ve also introduced a new jacket, The Handler, and it’s offered in a deadstock indigo plaid American canvas. The jeans are their perennial favorite slim cut Straight Razor in raw indigo.

Rising Sun Lookbook RS

Collabs this season include this Moto Racing Sweater they produced with Portland’s century old knitwear house Dehen.

Rising Sun Lookbook Messenger

And finally, they’ve introduced a new work shirt The Messenger, with the same spade-shaped pockets you’d find on their Spade denim but in a Japanese chambray. On the right, you’ll find their Ranch Hand jacket in a brown duck canvas and a new WW2 military spec wool watchmen beanie.

Hats off to Rising Sun, we’re looking forward to these drops coming up in the next few weeks.

David Shuck

David is the Managing Editor of Rawr Denim. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    Thank goodness for the Sneak Peek! Now I don’t have to waste my time and look through the whole lookbook. I don’t know who they’re trying to appeal to with this.

    • Oh Hello..

      I agree.. This seems so tryhard.

    • Model Citizen

      I actually like everything but the the heritage cut denim shit. Most of the shirts and jackets are dope. I wouldn’t style any of the stuff the way they have it in the lookbook, but if it weren’t put together so literally the individual pieces look like they would be pretty versatile.

    • Eyechild

      Really? It appeals to me, insofar it’s been styled and photographed well to tell a story. The aesthetic is a bit ‘Fedora Lounge’ but that’s what Rising Sun do, very well. Makes a change from generic streetstyle shots and closeups of people’s legs.

      I’ve got one of their Ranch Hand jackets and it’s a thing of beauty, and looks good with a bunch of stuff (ie, I don’t have to dress as a 1930s farmhand for it to work).

  • Grandier

    that olive green varsity jacket looks nice.


    yeah, ok..

  • Johnson Benjamin

    Ah. Like all of these. As mentioned, insane construction details. And of course this shoot is stylized, I would not any of the pieces this way, but I would be able to fit them all into my wardrobe.

  • boogie with stu

    Clothes for hardons. No thanks.

  • Tyler Nicolas Cochran

    What is it 1940? Looks quality, but really? Why would you want jeans that are baggier than brands like jnco jeans from the 90s? its 2014 not 1950.