Introducing Freenote Cloth

We in the raw denim world often complain about new brands being a dime a dozen, but it does still occasionally happen that a brand will emerge on the radar that has the potential to surprise and gain traction in what is ultimately a fairly saturated market. Freenote Cloth appears to be one such brand, a denim brand that pushes their made in the USA wares with a commitment to the highest possible quality as well as the maximum versatility in their collections.

Freenote Cloth Denim

Freenote achieved its early successes by sourcing the best fabrics and hardware from both Japan and the States then combining those goods with a knowledge of clothing gained in over a decade of experience for co-founders and brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick.

They launched the brand in 2013 in San Juan Capistrano, California. Both brothers worked for a time under the Volcom umbrella in some capacity, where they learned the tricks of the trade as far as both construction, fabric sourcing and the economics of running a successful business. The idea they really wanted to take into their new brand was the antithesis of disposable fashion, the brothers wanted to take men’s staples like denim, jackets, and knits and create something that would take a beating happily and look better for it.

Freenote Cloth Denim Founders

For the brothers Brodrick, the commitment to timeless clothing comes from discovering their own version of the oft-quoted ‘American Dream’ as they aim to leave something genuine and built to last that’s created on the foundations of heroes of the past. The nostalgia of the garments worn in an earlier year when the emphasis was still very much on having a few high quality garments that you wore most days is the inspiration behind most of the pieces in the Freenote Cloth line. The explorers or the west, cowboys, and railroad workers took some of their strength in the grittiness and simplicity of their garments, safe in the knowledge that they could push their own boundaries without having to worry about the wash cycle they cleaned their shirts or jeans on.

Freenote Cloth Denim Looks

Taking this aesthetic and vision then modernizing the fit set the wheels in motion for Freenote and the resulting products that have come from their trials and tribulations are true examples of quality. They exude a certain vibe of effortless style that combines well with the grit and nostalgia of the inspirations from which they arose. Manufactured exclusively in the States, Freenote places a priority on the quality of their garments while the gap between design and product is shortened as much as possible. Part of the appeal of the brand is the fact that their employees are all equally committed to the cause and thus work under ethical and safe conditions with a proper paycheque coming in such that they don’t have to scrounge for pay.

Freenote Cloth Denim Jeans

As a result their garments may not cost as little as some of the Kickstarters that have emerged since Freenote was founded, but their wares are of a quality and with a story that outpaces their counterparts. We’ll be taking some of their garments for a spin in the coming months, so look forward to a proper review of the clothes and their wear. In the interim, take a look through their site to learn a little more and to browse their collections for yourself.


Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Connor grew an interest in raw denim thanks to the process, maturation, patience and craft that goes into each individual pair. He also writes at REPOSITORY which he started alongside Rawr founder Nick Coe.

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  • Devan Prithipaul

    Although I dont see what really sets them apart, the fact that they have a decent collection means they dont have to entirely rely on denim. A good idea and a good brand.


      the guys name is “matthew brodrick”, is what sets them apart.

  • Cruel_Angel

    The author started with this “We in the raw denim world often complain about new brands being a dime a dozen” and that’s where the article should have ended.

    This isn’t anything new, nor innovative. No word on pricing either, so we can’t compare how it stacks up to the rest of the typical made in USA Cone / Japanese denim brands with a heritage Americana vibe.

    Generica America.

    • Model Citizen

      The clothes look fine enough in the few pictures provided, so this isn’t a knock on the product itself, but I gotta agree with you. This brands story sounds EXACTLY like every other Ameicana inspired line dropping every other day. I don’t care if new brands continue to fuck with this aethstetic because hopefully the product will speak for itself if the quality is there. I just don’t need a long winded romantic description of something that can be summed up in three words. Slimmed down Americana. Boom. There it is. Done. We all know the story at this point

  • SDP322

    Rad. Love to see people keeping it real and making clothes in the USA.

    • Model Citizen

      This sounds like a comment posted by somebody involved with the company.

  • b rabbit

    313, fuck da freenote