ICON 1000 Rouser Pant – Innovative Denim For Motorcyclists

It wasn’t long ago that we featured Maple Motorcycle Jeans–a run of denim that featured Kevlar panels lining the inside of the jeans. Yes, the same Kevlar that helps a bulletproof vest slow down a bullet. Thanks to rise in popularity of quality denim and the number of bikers looking for good-looking jeans that will also protect them from the pavement, the Portland-based Icon 1000 Rouser Pant has arrived on the scene.

The Rouser differs from Maple Motorcycle‘s offering in a significant way–the jeans include D3O® knee impact protectors, with hidden outseam access zippers. That means the rider can decide whether or not to have additional knee coverage, and remove them with simple zipper access at the outside of the leg.

Icon 1000 also differs from the competition in that the Rouser has Kevlar fabric integrated into the weave of the fabric. The previous offering from Maple Motorcycle Jeans had Kevlar panels that were stitched to the interior. According to the brand, the fact that Kevlar is woven directly into the jeans means that they will be exponentially more comfortable. Also, this “360 degree coverage” means that every part of the jean is equally abrasion-resistant, not just targeted areas.

The jeans themselves look very clean and minimalist, with no distracting details drawing the eye except for the bright orange knee protectors when removed. Sourced and manufactured in Korea, the Rouser features hidden inseam stitching and a double-stitched outseam for additional durability. However, note that the fairly-hefty 18.3 Oz fabric has been washed and thus can’t be considered raw denim.

Check out the photos below, and be sure to watch the video clip where Icon 1000 voices over some of the important details featured in the Rouser.


  • Name: Icon 1000 Rouser Pant
  • Weight: 18.3 Oz.
  • Fabric: Kevlar-blended denim
  • Other details:
    • Made in Korea
    • D3O® with hidden outseam access zippers
    • Hidden inseam stitching
    • Double-stitched outseam for durability
  • Available at: various dealers for approximately $230.00


 ICON 1000 Rouser Pant - RawrDenim.com

ICON 1000 Rouser Pant - RawrDenim.com

ICON 1000 Rouser Pant - RawrDenim.com

ICON 1000 Rouser Pant - RawrDenim.com

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  • Boung

    While this is not the first kevlar blended denim (FH and NF have both had their implementations on the concept) this is an interesting fabric to be sure, with hefty 18.5oz and 70/30 kevlar/cotton blend (FH and NF are 8-1?). Would be interesting to see these pants durability in comparison to 100% cotton denim, or FH/NF version of kevlar denim. However, I doubt the majority of people who buy these pants are remotely interested in fade property of these.

    One thing though, if these can’t be considered ‘raw’ because they have been washed, where do you places all the ‘one-washed’ ‘raw’ denim prevalence amongst Japanese brands?

  • santosbear

    well, i have to say a lot of japanese brand had done, both know and unknown. So, not cool.